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    A little help y’all!

    Dense over-wet soil with no aeration.
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    Why does my plant look kinda yellow

    Prince and Jimi would be proud.
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    Trying to determine sex

    1 and 2 are female. 5 and 8 are male. I can't determine the other ones.......far away shots are useless for determining sex.
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    Male or female help

    If you zoom in on second picture.......between the stipule and the new growth there is a pointy female preflower that will have pistils in a day or two. But I could be wrong.
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    Male or female help

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    Female or male? Sorry I’m new and Doing my best

    Lol. Check back in a month or so.
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    Indoor growing

    I only go by Michelle on Saturday nights when I crossdress.......... (: .
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    Indoor growing

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    Seedling sprouted, and has not grown for three days

    Some plants are just destined to be mutants........let it be and cross your fingers. Good luck.
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    Indoor growing

    Most plants (but not all) will show pre-flowers around 4-6 weeks of veg..........both male and female.
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    What’s everyone yielding roughly

    4x4, 650w LED, 3 photos, 23 days of veg............19.5 oz.
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    Stunned growth

    Your coco looks bone dry. How often do you feed? Do you feed to run off?
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    How long to go before two week flush

    I'd start flushing immediately.