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    AK Bean Brains

    I ran the moonshine haze x nl5 a few years a go, was a nice clear buzz with pine terps. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a day smoke.
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    bodhi seeds

    Not me, I'm weak.
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    Crickets and Cicada Seeds

    Someone asked him on IG: "NL1 is more indica, shorter and NL2 has a bit of stretch the NL was just called NL if I had to guess it’s NL5"
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    Archive Seed Bank

    Breeders are more akin to monopolies than free markets.. they aren't selling the same seeds. If you want "Moonbow" or whatever, you have one source who can name his price. He's not competing with anyone so he has no need to lower his prices... especially if people are paying it.
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    Red eyed genetics thread

    Tree Spirit is great... had 4 females out of a freebie pack, all were resinous and piney. I use it mostly at night for sleep.
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    Old School Skunk, who's found it???

    I just switched to LED last year from HPS to test things out and noticed I need a lot more heat to keep them happy. Like mid 80's.
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    Hazeman Seeds

    They have an earthy/chem funk but the smoke has some blueberry. Both phenos were pretty tasty and had a nice mellow functional high.
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    Hazeman Seeds

    I ran the blue dream x stardawg testers, got 2 females. Curing up now, really nice from the samples I had
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    AK Bean Brains

    I forget where AKBB posted this, I think IG about the NL 89: "these are 31 year old seeds that hadn’t been touched since they were made they were in a dry cabin in interior Ak north of Fairbanks these are original nl from PNW not from seedbank of Holland never left the state ! These were bred...
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    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    Sunshine Biscuits day 78. have a few of these going, hoping for an AK leaner
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    Dynasty Genetics Thread

    Very good smells.. range from pineapple candy to pineapple haze. I'll have a smoke report after they cure
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    Dynasty Genetics Thread

    a few Pineapple Fields at 75 days. First time running under LEDs
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    Hazeman Seeds

    just put 2 Super Strawberry Diesels in flower the other day
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    AK Bean Brains

    Probably just a play on NL5/Haze "The Cough" clone that they used
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    AK Bean Brains

    It looks like he just crossed the MOB with his Heavy Duty Fruity x Grape God FPOG strain.