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  • Mo, please look at my thread on the 13 + gallon hempy I am planning. I would like your opinion on this.
    I am considering 4 to 5 plants that are now in Hempy cups and ready to transplant. I will be growing under 400W MH and HPS.
    Let me know what you think.
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    Thanks for all the info you have provided, it has been a great help.
    could you tell me the cheap way to start my plants? like what all materials do I need to get started. I have a huge bag of seeds of different types of plants and wanna make my own.
    hey whats ups man, im new at this whole growing thing and I was wondering if you could help me start my plants out?
    Very informative thread man and i haven't even gotten past the first page, i am just starting to look into hempy buckets and i can tell this will be an awesome resource.
    Hi dropper,

    (wrote a long reply but they only allow 1000 character) lol

    In terms of recommending a good 3 part nutrient. This will depend on availability for you. Either in Europe or the U.S.

    If in Europe and can get Vitalink MAX works great and easy to use.
    If in the U.S; GHE (General Hydroponics) is what I'm using now. I use the FLORA 3 part range. However, I have heard AMAZING things about Blue Planet Nutrients. U.S made but because Im in the U,K I can't get them yet.

    Those are just a couple of examples other reputable brands Ive used in the past are: House & Garden (The Best but expensive) and Atami.

    peace. Moe:leaf:
    yo Moebius, got referd by hotrodharley, he said tht you could help me out. im new to the bubble systems and need to know what nuits to use.
    my set up
    2x 5gal buckets
    2x net basket lids 5in
    1x20gal airpump
    2x4in airstones

    can you help me put
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