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    eruption of stigmas late flower - autoflower.

    UK cheese autoflower. I harvested the majority of this plant weeks ago. My target was cloudy with few amber trichomes. The lower buds looked like they could go for another week or two so I left them. I was going to let them stay until 50% amber or so for just those times. Looking at them...
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    I have been a bad bad care taker

    Yep. pH was low. About 4.5. yikes. Not sure how that happened, I guess over feeding. My water is good. The soil should have been awesome. Will test it when I get the bag back out. Thanks for the help! I didn't have this issue on previous grows. Biggest change was the ff soils...
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    I have been a bad bad care taker

    How do I get pH water? Is this distilled water at the store or do I add something to my water to move it up or down? Thanks. I'm going to do this asap.
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    I have been a bad bad care taker

    What is PH'd water? And by leach the soil do you mean like a good soak or a flush?
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    I have been a bad bad care taker

    Using fabric pots, I don't see salt build up on the outside or bottom of the pots. I know that's not a confirmation. I have been having operator error with watering and the fabric pots. I do have drip pans and I do water typically until water is coming out of the pots BUT I am not trying to...
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    I have been a bad bad care taker

    These girls have been in flower for almost 4 weeks. The looked good back in veg, imo. Somehow I lied to my self along the way and now I'm realizing I was wrong. I have been feeding fox farms trio (obviously stopped the grow big) as well as the ff micro trio mix (cha ching, etc)...
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    Been collecting pieces for them. Plumbing in that size was incredibly hard for me to find...

    Been collecting pieces for them. Plumbing in that size was incredibly hard for me to find. I need one more part to finish the prototype. Once I get this working I'm going to have to make tweaks and changes from an online source.
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    Fertigation manager system

    Purchased made. In the future would you consider upsizing for larger pots? Maybe 10 or 12 inchers. I will share this product. Nice website btw.
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    Fertigation manager system

    Thank you for you fast work!
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    Fertigation manager system

    From my understanding, no way would I get near that PSI with gravity. I might get to 3 PSI. I would assume this might increase the water release time? I'm looking for way to slowly water my plants across the top of soil in each pot. I'm not planning on sticking around for the...
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    Fertigation manager system

    Can I use those drip rings on a gravity feed watering system? I grow in soil and have been on the verge of making something not as good as this via drip irrigators. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I would assume they will handle a mix of water and nutrients if it is...
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    Here we go! - open for comment

    Week SEVEN Sent those beautiful bushes outside. Weve been getting a ton of rain and the fabric pots having been handling it great. Upgraded the Light a few days ago. Hulkberry plus is soooo slow. I was able to clone and grow good sized plants in half the time. I feel she is just...
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    starting on a problem. Leaf picture for help

    I started from seed Late June. Added some clones along the way. Everyone has had good growth, I had a Nitrogen abundance and I backed off any feedings pretty quickly. That fixed itself within a week or two. All of a sudden most of the plants are telling me something is wrong again...
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    Screen Of green, trellis netting, just starting, Am I doing it right

    I am intrigued with using a net to spread out the plants. I have done some topping, some spreading early on by tying, etc. Does this look like the right start? Do I need more vertical growth before I begin? I'm just a tad confused on how to start it. Also i see that the middle...
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    Scrog - how to water/get to plants in back????

    I came to roll it up today to look for watering techniques in tight spaces. And LOOK this old thread was as the top. Awesome. I just installed a drip system in my garden. They recommend using just 1/4 micro valves or just 1/4 inch tubing for no pressure rain barrel systems with dirty...