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    WHEN & how much fat to take w/edibles?

    By discussung fat in this manner I can't help but envision taking a bite out of whale blubber. Chocolates sound way better.
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    I did a thing

    Does that offer stand for everyone? I'd like some variety in recipes, thanks.
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    Should I start over or not ?

    I've only done 2 autos. They both seemed to get a late start. I'd let em grow.
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    Which autoflower are you growing at the moment and why?

    I topped my Wedding Cheesecake not knowing if it could withstand it & it gave me 3.3 oz with no LST
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    What yield do you pull from a 4x4 ?????

    Thank you.
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    What yield do you pull from a 4x4 ?????

    Updated photo -
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    Donald Trump Private Citizen

    I'm getting pretty damn tired of Trump supporters. I've spent the last 3 days in the hospital tending to my poor wife. I've learned a lot from nurses working with them over the last 3 months. I recognize good nurses and bad ones. The #1 factor of making a good nurse is compassion. It cannot be...
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    Who is anesia? Dinabolt?

    I've tried out some fresh cut bud using my Volcano. This is definitely an upper, creative buzz. I want a cup of coffee and some friends over but I'm settling for tee & putting down the wine. I thought of brushing the dust off of my newly purchased keyboard or writing Haiku. Very glad I have a...
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    Which strain you like most

    What, lost it's flavor? I was just thinking of ordering some White Widow & Blueberry even though I'm overstocked because I love them both. Blueberry is so unique. How could it lose it's flavor? Where are you getting your Blueberry seeds? There must be a breeder\seed company that has great...
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    Am I stupid?

    That'd be a good yield. Portable AC hose in the room came loose overnight. Opened the door to an absolute 100+ degree literal steambath the next morning so foxtailing started & extended the grow about a month. It might come down this AM.
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    Am I stupid?

    That's rhetorical. I am sometimes. I just counted my stock. I have a 4x4 grow area with a 6 bucket DTW system. I can put 1 or 2 more on the side so I'll say an 8 plant capacity. I have a stock of 80 seeds of 13 different strains and 1 mother (only 1 auto, 3 are hyped strains, and none high in...
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    What yield do you pull from a 4x4 ?????

    That's fantastic. What strain? I'd be happy with 24 ounces.