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    Nice male...going to hurt to pull.

    I saw that chart too. Did more research and theres truth to it. If you're looking to decrease planting a few males it will increase your ratio once you develop a discerning eye. I use this even on my own feminized seed. I have much less herms later in flower and much less weak ones in a seed...
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    Nice male...going to hurt to pull.

    No its not. That's what I thought too. But ffs its damn good method. For 20 or less its a good thing to know. But for more starts than that like 500+ I dont have the patience to look at all the seeds.
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    Nice male...going to hurt to pull.

    Yes its possible in a few scenarios. As a seed. You can sex the 'belly button' and get 90+% females makes culling easier and less soil and space wasted. At about 2 months most females even in veg will show hairs at nodes along main stem. Not all. Usually fool proof is putting them on a flower...
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    Please identify, dark black bugs gathered together.

    Appears to be aphids
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    New to this and worried. :(

    Looks like foilar burn. It can happen with neem oil. Spray in the evening when PM rears its head and sun light less likely to burn. I use organicide plant doctor for PM and botrytis. Its systemic and dont stink and never had burn with it. Can use farther into flower for mold control than neem...
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    Yesterday's Mass Shooting.

    Its not the tool but the tools using the tool. Humans take credit when good and blame tools when bad. We dont talk about the warning signs given by shooters nearly as much as we cry its the muzzle length, magazine capacity, ease of access etc.
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    Why do my leaves look serrated?

    Early canoeing? Vpd? Put a fan on them, pull air out if space as needed.
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    Seedlings blotching marks

    Its likely nutrient deficiencies from environmental factors. The heat helped with moderate phos deficiencies but the lack of airflow and or transpiration in your space could be contributing to others. With the tips a better color green there could be need to uppot or feed more as it could be...
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    Yesterday's Mass Shooting.

    Guns good. People bad apes.
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    Can someone diagnose the problem with this plant?I have a few showing these symptoms

    Ehhh not really. Excess Iron and lack of P+ will make dark/blue green. The clawing leaves and fried leaf with huge necrosis from nitrogen burn are my tip offs.
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    Can someone diagnose the problem with this plant?I have a few showing these symptoms

    IMO feeding too much. Nitrogen toxicity. Causing other nute deficiencies. Too much Nitrogen can also acidify the soil. Making it sodic, poorly draining. Dolomite lime corrects all those issues.
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    The ladies flowers WAY to early!!!

    Finish flowering it. Find a replacement for full term.
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    Monkey Pox

    The Dont believe me or anyone here. Youre the believe the Science type right? There's a lot of published literature on ADE with or without Covid 19 vaccines. You sound maybe a little regret? The vaxxed are too stupid to trust the government, stupid enough to take an experimental treatment (its...
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    Monkey Pox

    No natural infection of covid does not present as AIDS. AIDS is a diagnosis for HIV (clarification) and other diseases. But synonymous with HIV. Individuals that accepted the still not approved, although authorized covud 19 vaccines and especially boosted may develop ADEs at a much higher rate...
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    Natural leaf septoria remedy!! HELP!

    For septoria its healthier than I would expect. Especially as its still pushing new growth. Likely just needs more, for you start feeds. How did you determine septoria?