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    Bad idea to take new grow lights with me in checked baggage to Mexico?

    I'm in the US but moving back soon to my apartment in Mexico, gonna fly back via Tijuana. Grow lights themselves aren't illegal right? Was gonna take two 240W Kingbrite quantum boards, they're not too big. Just wondering if I'd have any problems with US or Mexico customs. Prolly not an...
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    Flowering under 6500k?

    Sorry to revive old thread - but just wanted to ask a noob question - how come resin is important for growers? Is it just a thing that looks cool, or does it correlate to better effects and such? I always hear about it but never was sure. Also on the hunt for a LED specifically for landrace...
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    Making a Quantum Board with 75% 6500K and 25% 3500K LEDs - good or bad idea?

    Thanks Vostok Yourself personally, what Kelvin light mix do you use yourself, or find best for landrace sativas?
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    Making a Quantum Board with 75% 6500K and 25% 3500K LEDs - good or bad idea?

    Was thinking of customizing my board to have 75% 6500K and 25% 3500K LEDs (I grow only landrace equatorial sativas), to run for the entirety of the grow. Good idea or bad idea? Just want to make sure before I spend money on two 240W LED QB's. (Growing purely for effect, I don't mind smaller...
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    Anyone grow with only high Kelvin LEDs? (6500K+, etc) - If so, what's your experience?

    I know 3000-4000K is the scientific proven standard, but just wanted to ask if anyone here has grown purely using higher Kelvin LED's (5000K+) and if so - what's your experience doing so? Did it turn out just fine? What differenced did you see between a higher Kelvin LED and a lower Kelvin one...
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    Light ???

    @RM3 Hello RM, I was reading through this thread and wasn't sure if it had been mentioned, but wanted to ask you - in your opinion, how much does the effect of the smoke increase with using higher K lights, like 6500K or 10,000K? I'm growing equatorial landrace sativas, and I've heard it said...
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    Best K (Kelvin) light value for positive (landrace) sativa effects?

    I messaged them, they said it's not an option in Alibaba, but they can send you 5000K and 6500K lights. Might even be able to do higher, I'll ask them.
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    Best K (Kelvin) light value for positive (landrace) sativa effects?

    I've heard that for growing equatorial landrace sativas indoors, people have recommended high Kelvin lights (10,000K, 6500K, etc) to bring out the most positive effects / high in the genetics. I'm chasing the most positive effect possible, I don't mind low potency and low yield. Anyone have...
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    Breeding for authentic sativa happiness. Mextiza, Thai, Angola, Senegal...

    Congrats @Ailalelo ! Looking good Btw, regarding positive effect of equatorial landrace sativas, do you guys have an opinion on best Kelvin light value for effect? (I know 3000K and such is best for yield in flower, but I don't mind low yields and low potency, going after pure effect, with the...
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    Best Kingbrite LED for growing purely landrace Sativas?

    Still trying to wrap my head around all this - how come you can't grow landrace sativas without at least 550w of true power? I was going to get 2 of those 250W, and I already have a 100W Mars Hydro, that would be 600W total in a 3x5' space (it's a white tiled shower I converted into a grow space).
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    Ideal K value for best effects, in landrace sativas?

    I've gotten some anecdotal evidence that using higher K numbers (5000K), closer mimics the light in high elevations in tropical areas... and for growing landrace sativas (which is what I grow), it leads to better effects. I believe 3000-3500K is recommended for flower because it leads to...
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    Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro LEDs?

    I thought it was oompa loompas?
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    Best Kingbrite LED for growing purely landrace Sativas?

    I'm looking to grow purely landrace tropical sativas indoors, and in my search for a light I was highly recommended the Kingbrites. Is there any specific model you guys would recommend (or configuration in general... ie 3000K, 660nm, etc) if my goal is to grow purely landrace sativas? Here's...
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    Growing with purely peat, pumice, compost and worm castings?

    Yes, what a fitting song. (If) it rains in the spring (luckily it has been the past few years) then the hills look beautiful and green and lush... but come June-July it all turns into a tinderbox and every shade of brown. Typically only significant rain here is between Feb and April or so. My...
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    Growing with purely peat, pumice, compost and worm castings?

    Thanks for the detailed explanation! I'll be trying this on the next run. Edit: Btw, I noticed you mentioned you avoid a perpetual cover crop (dutch white clover) on indoor grows. What about outdoor grows? (Mine is a outdoor no-till grow in southern california). Would it be better to just...