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    Inventronics drivers vs Meanwell drivers

    Its not to say your driver will fail, its just based on what i heard from HLG steve on the gml show: they mostly had driver failures (however few) on higher wattage meanwell drivers, the 240 versuon being the one with the least failures. They started moving towards inventronics and with the new...
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    Inventronics drivers vs Meanwell drivers

    Meanwell, inventronics and powerland seems to be the best speced driver brands. Meanwell became the norm due to their nice warranty and just being more available than the other two, but id probably go inventronics before meanwell, especially for 320w and upwards (the higher watt meanwells seem...
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    A question about fixing a LED lamp. LM301B\H

    Connect the 2 boards in series, this should work. I believe you got them in parallel now.
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    3 QB 96 on Inventronics EUC-320S490DT

    To the best of my understanding that driver should do 4.9 amps output. Sometimes the dimmer doesnt allow for full range dimming, you can try to see if output changes if you disconnect the dimmer.
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    Samsung H series strips, Arrow seems to be blowing them out! what a deal!

    Meanwell lrs series is a cheapo alternative, some places as low as 35 for 350w.
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    Convert red/blue COB to full spectrum?

    It might be worth mentioning that Mars also fudge with their numbers by almost 10% (or they quote board efficiency rather than system efficiency), ive seen the tests reports... But indeed, return this to sender :)
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    Light recipe for keeping colas tighter

    One fairly sure fire way of getting more stacked lowers is to use cold white, 4000-5000k, as sidelighting for lower down section. Decreases the node spacing for more stacking but generally a bit smaller buds on lowers.
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    Which Lighting for that small tent.

    Sorry, i didnt realize the space or this being for clones/mothers. The driver i mentioned will work fine for that, not so much need for wattage
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    Which Lighting for that small tent.

    THe c1400 will only drive your 37V board to about 50w, afaik its a constant current drIver maxing out on 1400mA so the driver will not give its full 75w.
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    Which Lighting for that small tent.

    Is it 37V board? Id go for any of the 36A meanwell drivers, you can adjust voltage up to 37V, no problem. Like elg75-36A. Not sure all the AB drivers have voltage regulation.
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    Which Lighting for that small tent.

    Dimming is speced at 50-100%, but generally it goes a bit lower. Closest to reality number is in the test report on meanwells site, usually more accurate than the datasheet.
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    LED vs HID finally a clear winner!

    Heating mat underneath the pots may also help.
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    LED vs HID finally a clear winner!

    As for leds 3000k/4000k shouldnt have any difference in radiant heat output. With hid its a bit tricker: 1000w of hps or mh should be the same heat, but the mh coil/filament inside the bulb burn hotter: the 2200K /5000k spectrum rating is related to the light emissions of a blackbody object at...
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    cant get off 20c

    Hot air can hold more water than cold air (this why dew forms when temps go down at night, the water forms drops when the cold air cant hold it anymore). So the absolute humidity stays the same (total amount of water in the air) but since the hot air can hold more water the relative humidity...
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    Cut bait or stick it out?

    So i realize im coming in to this quite late as it seems like you already have an improvement of the situation but here goes: From the description (leds, cold temps and i assume winter time where youre at, new growth and tops a bit light on color in comparison to lower fan leaves, not a...