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    Is she hungry? Or is soil hot?

    Id say she looks a bit light shy. Leds, right? Old growth looks nice and green, new growth a bit pale. If your soil nutes were finishing id expect some missing N which would be the opposite, paleness starting on the bottom. Is she transpiring properly? What temps/rh? With leds its better to be...
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    A Dawg, A Cob And His Waterfarm

    Dawgie, your grows are allways nice, following along on this one. Whats the deal on your cobs, 3500k 80cri?
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    Crowdfunding/Collaboration - LED Light

    I thought this was the les forum?!?
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    Crowdfunding/Collaboration - LED Light

    Have you tried those ccts out yourself? Personally i feel 2700k 90cri is actually a little light on blue, its nice for transpiration.
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    Crowdfunding/Collaboration - LED Light

    Look into bridgelux vesta strips, its almost what your after: 5000k / 2700k 90cri on separate channels.
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    22' x 10' Grow Room (IN-PROGRESS)

    OP: i concurr with previous members re multiple panels: it becomes a bitch when switching on and off by timer. Each driver has a considerable inrush current so you cant switch all (or even half) on at the same time/on same timer. This is much easier managing with fewer but more powerfull...
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    Introducing the very latest SAMSUNG LED Technology - LM301H EVO & LH351H V3

    Im not very familiar with the datasheet other than H-evos having a different photon pump at 435nm rather than 450nm. This might make them look less efficient in lums/w but afaik they are more efficient in ppf/w than anything around.
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    How bad can it be??

    To me this fixture is maybe a bit over powered for its size, it fits perfect for a 4x4 and 800w is more of a 5x5 powerlevel. Is there anyway you could check at what wattage you would get a solid 800 par at 10-12" height? Should be somewhere near 500w i guess.
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    Purple Stems On The Leaves

    Purpling is due to anthocyanin accumulating in the plant and its production is inhibited by higher temps. Try raising temps without raising lightlevels.
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    Purple Stems On The Leaves

    For purple stems and stalks try googling High Irradiation Response. Generally its too much light with too little heat
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    Do any LED fixtures produce an HPS-like color?

    I believe @p I believe @PSUAGRO (who i cant seem to tag anymore, did he get cancelled or something?)ade a few runs with those meatcobs. I cant even search by his handle but i still got him somewhere in my pms. Managed to find the thread...
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    Yield ?

    I cant say that i agree. Or maybe it depends on how you define "close to the same". Even your own answer seems to disagree, between 2#s and 3#s theres 50% difference, thats not what i would call close. Weve seen a fair few different elite cuts and there are definite differences in yield, some...
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    8X8 autoflower grow need some setup advice please.

    You need to factor in light throw and hanging height, his only got 6.5 feet height. OP: with autos on 20 hour light on you can no use 15-20w per square foot but you defo need several bartype fixtures for light spread. Growing with less watts for longer hours spectrum seems to play in more...
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    Changing 600w hps light to led

    Luma versus spectrabox: its easier if you drop some links to the actual lights youre looking at, rather than just brands. Looking around on whats online about these two brands: cant actually find a spectrabox web page, it seems like the next best thing is a dutch site distributing them. Also...
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    Changed my driver to double the power but light doesn’t seem any brighter?

    Tbh im not sure now, sombody said the boards are 58V, i dont know the datasheet which wouldnt fit on this driver. 58+58 is over 114v which is upper limit of this driver.