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    Experienced growers opinion

    This is not necessarily true. That comment is like saying Skunk sucks. Some Big Bud will make you think you pissed your pants you are so high. The Big Bud from Canada, not so much. It got grabbed as part of the great Canadian beesters push and got a bad rap. The cut that moves in small...
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    Tissue Culture : Small Indoor Setup

    Skip the Microclone kit and get your own PGRs to R&D with
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    "Synthetic" Seeds

    They'll chop up your mother plant and give you 20 synthetic seeds for $100. It isnt really worth it unless you are already doing tissue culture. A SynSeed in a tube will last for about 3-5 weeks before it needs a new home.
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    Swami Seeds

    Episode 67
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    Drip irrigation for vacation

    Reservoir fed to rdwc on a float switch with a valve in the middle to turn off when your not.on vacation. I have 50 mom's on a trolmaster system. I hooked up a water source on a float switch and went to Hawaii for 8 days. I was dreading what I came back to but all was just fine. If I had...
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    Is there anything like working on agar but with plant cultures?

    I've cultured 3 of those 4 strains. I have an apple fritter but it hasn't hit my personal threshold of health to take tips from yet. The Santa Cruz cut of Blue Dream was a pain in the ass to figure out. Tips for your phytotech score pictured above: Ditch the flip tops unless you modify them...
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    I let my cut from CLTVTD go but some local folks kicked me down some of their recent Marshmallow OG run. It's pretty good.
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    Lame. My seed listing is still open. Never sold clones there despite having a large library. Guess it was fun while it lasted.
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    It's just an example
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    It's all public info. Hell, California emails me an updated spreadsheet about once a month with EVERYONE'S info, even suspended licenses.
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    That is certainly possible. I'm in California.
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    I just got a message from Strainly. No more clone sales allowed after March 14th without entering a license number into your profile.
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    HpLVd, information, Vendors, Testing and Reviews

    I partnered with a local DNA lab and get hplvd testing really fast and pretty inexpensively. There's no way Dark Heart or Tumi could do it this cheap. They also do fingerprinting for me as well. I never tell my clients that one hplvd-free test means you have a clean plant. The stone fruit...
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    Swami Seeds

    Sounds like that good Ole NL5Haze shining through! Thanks for the update. PS, harvesting a haze pheno early (i.e. leaving clear gland heads) will almost always result in what some refer to as a "speedy" high.
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    Swami Seeds

    I'm actually not that big of a fan of how it smokes. Big yield of large flowers. Some mold issues in my area which is pretty arid (Sacramento, CA) When I first vegetated it outdoors it reaked like bile or vomit which I do not ever recall smelling before in a plant. High is good, not much...