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    Best way to transition from 18/6 to 12/12

    what a joke- EASY FIX-- switch to 12/12 :wall: :eyesmoke:
  2. Scuzzman - January Promotions

    QUESTION - you guys still exist ? , went looking to place order ( as you guys had some different strains) - no website ....... real shame
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    for those of you who measure your runoff EC hydro coco

    talk about over complicating shit its a weed dude feed it it will grow , so much bro crap from companys that supply nutrients to hook the new and miss in formed growers to buy products .... your going round in circles chasing your tail - keep it simple :eyesmoke: :bigjoint:
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    for those of you who measure your runoff EC hydro coco

    Bro science- in my view have never checked e.c runoff in coco coir - waste of time and effort... Dont understand why people push this crap , never seen any proof it helps..... Running Bato Buckets with recycled waste, auto top up PH water - feed full solution every 4-5 days ( read your plants...
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    CO2 Bag Location

    @calvin.m16 - you forgot to add in a SEALED environment, co2 is a waste of time in a passive grow room, you may as read a book in grow tent for a hour
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    High Ec or no? Let’s debate

    Good subject, Have just started pushing high E.C 2.2-2.5 in flower( learn to read the plants alter to suit) - personally I think it all depends on the lights - quality LEDs will allow high e.c/ppm's, alot of issues I see these days are plants being under feed and stressed in my view
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    Lets talk WATER (buckets, filters, wands)

    not responsible for peoples feelings , how you react is a you problem
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    Lets talk WATER (buckets, filters, wands)

    learn to use the search function dude - do your own research first
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    i’ll not buy another led until..

    easy fix buy quality products built and designed by growers that grow and understand the tech they use and sell ---- @Grow Lights Australia , standalone meanwell drivers , chunky heat sinks ,and of cause the best diodes in the market with the best spectrum.
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    Why aren't fabric bags cone shaped.

    Pyramid Grow bag, dont rain science make coned bags with velcro Why try to over think things , go buy one of those dog collars as a template or just drill holes in one - bloody stupid idea on RUI once again :eyesmoke:
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    Do boveda packs affect smell or taste?

    Been tossing up whether to use the Boveda packs( like buds approx 65-68%) as have 1/1/2 pound sitting in med size oven bags( turkey) RH 70-72 %, open the bags every day for approx 20 minutes, temps at around 3-10 degrees( coming into winter here), being doing this for 4 weeks now , very little...
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    Low and slow?

    Harvested 4 plants - being drying now for 21 days( 60/50) and still another 5 days (approx) to go, I use paper bags with 2-3 oz per bag wet change the bags every 5-6 days , after 14 days pour the buds into a box with newspaper on top , to cure- 4 weeks minimum in oven bags - if still to damp...
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    Should I flush or not ?

    another thread on flushing absolute waste of time - pretty sure people ask this question just for a reaction, no one in there right mind would flush plants- reducing nutrients near end flower only -maybe , is this what people refer to flushing these days ... to many stupid growers out there...
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    Aussie Growers Thread

    You guys should be jumping on this sale from GLA , local and a fantastic product
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    fantastic - best leds out there ..... :bigjoint: