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    I said , were are all my Alaska people ?

    I said , were are all my Alaska people ?
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    I said, were are all my a

    I said, were are all my a
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    I Said! Were are all the ALASKA peeps at?

    I Said! Were are all the ALASKA peeps at?
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    4/12 Court Support for Steven Sanderson Bay County Sec 8 Trial

    This guy, the many before him, and the many to follow are the reason people think the way they do about the medical marijuana program. SAD.
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    The original MTF

    Which is exactly my point.
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    The original MTF

    ]I've never heard it called MVTF... it was always MTF. I was simply installing the V for valley. Since thats were its famous for being grown. Mtf is a common name. Mvbud also, mvtf. Or as the oldie but goodies call it. Bud. Technically speaking. I grow mtf. Its top shelf bud.
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    The original MTF

    I live in the matsu valley. Frequent many old growers, across the board they all have said pretty much the same thing. they have grown this bud. Heres the deal. It was a plant grown really well in the valley. Usually outdoors near bodenburg creek. This is how it got its name. Mvtf. There is no...
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    Where is all the ALASKA growers?

    Where is all the ALASKA growers?
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    Recommended cola height - scrog

    That what you getting after 2-3 weeks of tucking? No. I veg till im satisfied. Im not for profit. Unless you hire me to consult/build the garden. Hey thanks for the advice. You have any grow logs? Do I have grow logs? Of course. Lol
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    HELP!!!!! Male or female????!!!!!!!

    I dont see any sign of male plant. U would know.
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    Only thing about that is, no place to store the kief.
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    Can it warm up already? shesh

    Rosey. Were was the hard freeze?
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    Cat and Peach's 2K grow (Green Crack/GDP)

    Thanks ! We are aficionado'$. Quad perk dab or herb.
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    Coffee grinder is good I do the same. grind fresh for the day outta the mason jar into my monday, tues, wed......pill container. But here is a grinder link