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    Please help with harvest timing!

    Have you any way to look at the trichomes? A jewellers loupe or download a magnifier app on your phone. I usually wait until about 50% of trichomes are gone milky and then start the flush
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    I'm curious, soil growers...

    Iirc i read that 3L of soil for 1oz (i may be wrong) so for 8 from 1 plant would take 24L pot which would be huge and take weeks to vrg.
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    Yellowing leaves and brown spots

    i give mine 1ml of biobizz grow throughout the whole grow
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    My first grow!! Whats this on my plant?

    what light are you using? make sure its not too close
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    Is it ready to harvest?

    that bud looks very small from that pic. can you take a pic more zoomed out? Best way to tell if she ready is use a loupe and look at the trichomes on the bud, clear is not ready milky can be harvested some amber is perfect if you have no loupe. download a magnifier app on your phone
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    What's the problem?

    i done some research before and found these (cant remember where now) i think some grow shops online state the npk biobizz bloom 2-7-4 topmax 0.1-0.1-0.1 fishmix 5-1-4 grow 4-3-6 root juice 0.1-0.1-0.1
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    How big of a yield?

    as above, i think it would be better to have an exhaust. You want stale air removed and what about the smell in late flower?
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    Biobizz measurements for autos

    how many plants are you growing? you just add 1ml of grow to 1 litre of water for the entire grow, except the last week which will be just plain water. so if you need 3 litres of water during veg you add 3ml of grow when you gointo flower its the same. you shouldnt really add nutrients together...
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    Buds are dense but not sticky pictures explain

    as mentioned above, you need to lower your temps my last grow, i also got a few seeds from a previously stable strain because my temps hit 31c for a few days Heat stress, plants too close to lights, light bleed can all cause hermies
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    Thx eveyone for the replies. To be fair, @funbuddy does have a point, i have read on most growing forums that you dont need to adjust pH for premium compost mixes like all-mix, and i have never had these problems in my previous grows. But as this is mostly a peat mix i am betting that...
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    thx mate, any idea what pests they are?
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    I may be wrong here but I always thought good quality soil/compost self buffers pH? ignore, i didnt read that he made this soil mix himself
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    i got my lupe out to check, checked loads of leaves and cant see any bugs. i did do a floiar spray and it may be just dry residue causing the spots. Humidty does get high sometimes, i will need to sort that out watering, i go by the feel of the pot and the affected ones dont get watered that...
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    thx for the answer Sounds obvious now lol Afaik Clover mpc is mainly peat. I have some used all-mix here, might just mix it 50/50 with the clover mpc I even have a bag of coco, would adding about 10% coco also help?