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    Looking for LED strips for a DIY build

    @Ben123456733 as i have been out of the loop for a bit, i was just checking there wasn't a new goto strip now, thx again. @loco41 thx for the tip, i will have a look at them
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    Looking for LED strips for a DIY build

    Thanks for the answers So either the Samsungs or the QB96 seem to be the way to go then. I am in the UK so not sure if HLG deliver to here and they are a bit out of my budget tbh I already have a Veg light using Samsung F3 strips with a HLG-150H-54B The ledgardener builds are over 3 years...
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    Looking for LED strips for a DIY build

    Hi guys. What are the go to led strips these days? Are the Samsung F3's still the best or i have seen a few EB Gen 3 builds on here lately. Or is there anything newer? Wanting to flower a 4x4 (1.2m x 1.2m) tent I have 4 x HLG-150H-54B (voltage output 27-54V, current output max 2.8A) drivers. I...
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    distance between F-Strips

    Thx @Rocket Soul i was leaning towards the 4 strips, as i thought the space between 3 strips would be too wide, so option 2 it is. I made a typo, the driver supplies 2.8amps Not too bothered about the wasted power.
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    distance between F-Strips

    Hi everyone, i will finally have some time to build my veg light this weekend but want some advice first My veg area is 70cm x 1.3m (27 x 51 inches) I want to build 2 frames each 60 x 60cm (2feet x 2feet) My driver is a HLG-150H-54B 2.5amps output (i have 5 of these, got them for £10 each :))...
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    MeanWell LED Drivers: 3 in 1 Dimming Function.

    Quick question guys. I want to dim 1 driver, so i have a 100k pot. Its only 90% efficient so i need to add a 10k resistor, to get 100% power. Does the resistor go on the + or - leg? not worried about dimming down, it will never run less than 10%
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    Have i finally worked out drivers?

    Thx @7CardBud. Just trying to do a budget veg build to get used to led's I may be able to source a couple of the 54A cheap.
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    Have i finally worked out drivers?

    Proves I have more reading to do. Thx for your help
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    Have i finally worked out drivers?

    Thx @Rocket Soul Damn lol You are correct about the strips, they are 48V, they are SI-B8T521560WW So i am right with the amp output (i was going to run parallel) But wrong with the voltage I seen a couple of the HLG-150H-54B going cheap, and at least i now know they wont work
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    Reusing your soil. What to do with the roots?

    I just try and get most of the old roots out by hand. Its how i do it, but i also mix old compost 50/50 with new compost
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    Have i finally worked out drivers?

    After loads of reading and watching YT, i think i may have finally worked out how to pair drivers with strips, or have i? So if i get a CC driver like the HLG-150H-54B 54vdc, 2.8amp. If i use 2 Samsung F-strips they would be running at 75w each and 1.4amps each. 3 Samsung F-strips would be...
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    Please help with harvest timing!

    Have you any way to look at the trichomes? A jewellers loupe or download a magnifier app on your phone. I usually wait until about 50% of trichomes are gone milky and then start the flush
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    I'm curious, soil growers...

    Iirc i read that 3L of soil for 1oz (i may be wrong) so for 8 from 1 plant would take 24L pot which would be huge and take weeks to vrg.
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    Yellowing leaves and brown spots

    i give mine 1ml of biobizz grow throughout the whole grow
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    My first grow!! Whats this on my plant?

    what light are you using? make sure its not too close