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    Anyone ever play the card game grass?

    Oh wow, I remember that game! It was while in high school, back in the early to mid 80s. A couple friends and I used to play that game all the time, for a short while. I haven't played since, and have forgot all about it. Still, I remember many good laughs playing Grass all those years ago.
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    The joys of living remote.

    Seems you're not the only one.
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    Break up songs.

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    Break up songs.

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    Break up songs.

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    The Best Songs of the 1970's

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    Weedcraft INC

    Very addictive game, indeed! I am stuck on a mission called Doubling Down, which comes toward the end of the second scenario. It's a mission that involves getting an extremely lenient recreational mj law passed. The politicians in the game are not going for it. I am wondering if the only...
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    Actually cool game about growing weed!

    It's called Weedcraft Inc. The game just came out a few days ago, on April 11, and I think it's still on sale for another day or two at steam. It's actually a really good game, very addictive. There's a little story/tutorial that you can completely ignore, but completing objectives unlocks...
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Big news for Texas legalization!

    "Scary Mary" sure is dead on with her, and she is still attempting to pull her special brand of crap. First, she proclaimed that there will be no special session, which that alone could set back the opening of the first dispensaries. It could well set them back because, in passing medical mj...
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    Big news for Texas legalization!

    Medical is now on the ballot in Oklahoma. Voting will happen in November 2018. I wish it was recreational, but it's a start.,_Medical_Marijuana_Legalization_Initiative_(2018)
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    Pretty cool vid with some nice info about this particular eclipsebongsmilie...
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    Big news for Texas legalization!

    There has recently been a big movement to legalize it for medical here in Oklahoma. We were very close to being able to vote on it this month, but now will have to wait a while. Still, there is movement on the subject. Check out this "copy and paste" from the website Oklahoma...
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Pre paid Visa cards

    Yeah, it really sucks, especially considering I have been using that card for years.