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    First order DCSeedExchange Review!

    Trim jail, oh wait, maybe not trim jail, well, yeah trim jail too.
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    First order DCSeedExchange Review!

    Is selective hoarding a recognized psychological condition? I seriously think it could be. Not being able to easily use a credit card was the only thing that kept me within budget, lol. Between impulse buys and freebies.....
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    First order DCSeedExchange Review!

    Yeah, DCSE is pretty awesome, Paul seems a good guy, communicates honestly and with integrity from my experience. Great customer service, generous freebies, quick turnaround. Only good things to say IMO. Curiosity is the only reason I would shop elsewhere.
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    Jersey Garden Seeds

    I’ll second that.
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    Next run help

    Run lights on at night to offset cooler temps and keep room warmer let residual heat carry over through warmer daytime temps?
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    Making egg shells water soluable with vinagar

    Make vinegar with the leftovers. Search Chris trump on YouTube. I’ve also been working on getting through this Kind of overwhelming at first, but it’s all kind of variation on a theme and is making more and more sense - and almost any...
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    Making egg shells water soluable with vinagar

    Exactly what xtsho say, plus there are many other potentially beneficial uses. A member with an awesome KNF style grow ( look up maranibbana)mentioned a Chris Trump as regards these techniques. I’m a novice so I can’t really answer questions, just refer to better resources. Nearly free...
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    Mara's Organic KNF Indoor Garden

    As usual I’m late to the party, great thread, great info, absolutely beautiful garden(s), thanks for sharing. I’m hoping this isn’t so old that is it abandoned. My question is do you have a resource for recipes/applications link suggestion? Joegroworegon has info on most of what you’ve mentioned...
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    Making egg shells water soluable with vinagar

    Funny, I just read this 10 minutes before seeing this post. Also just finished first batch of LAB. The eggshell are next along with some purslane FPJ and/or FPE. Also interested in the eco enzymes and diy beneficial microbes. This stuff is fascinating and as usual I’m late to the party.
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    Making egg shells water soluable with vinagar
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    Breeding with fems?

    Yeah, I believe you pointed out elsewhere that it is more of an inherited genetic trait to “hermie”. Appreciate the input
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    Breeding with fems?

    Thanks, much appreciated.
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    Breeding with fems?

    Is it contraindicated to create seed pairing a regular male pollen with a feminized flower? After browsing a couple threads I have inferred conflicting information. It seems one opinion is that this increases potential for hermaphroditism, the other opinion that feminized stock is frequently...
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    Brisco's Bargain Beans

    One of my favorite stages of flower. Where can I get one?
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    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    DCSE- Brisco’s are nicely priced.