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    Live Shows

    These guys are not too bad.
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    Bushcraft Adjacent

    I have had so little time of late, not much going on at the camps. Did hang some camo tarps for walls at the river camp, but that was a couple months ago. When it cools off, will work on a creek camp. Scouting locations down there this past week. But that land is so thin, there are houses nearby...
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    What are you smoking today?

    It's that skinny time of year. All the #13 RBXTPD is gone, there is just a couple of three joints worth of immature buds of #12 left. And maybe half an ounce of #11. I'm leaning heavy on the spring crop of Triple Jack 13 (13 RBXTPD X Jack Herer x Shit/Skunk), Blueberry Blues (blueberry twist X...
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    Vote TWICE!

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    Vote TWICE!

    The Senate has a drive thru lane for bottom of the barrel judges, yet agency heads are all "acting" because even the GOP controlled Senate won't confirm these clowns. Refusing congressional oversight, openly breaking the Hatch Act. I could go on, but what's the point. A couple more months, and...
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    Jerry, like this thread, is still Dead

    Grateful Dead 09/05/85 Red Rocks Amphitheater - Morrison, CO Set 1: Cold Rain And Snow C.C. Rider Candyman Beat It On Down The Line Stagger Lee Me And My Uncle Big River Peggy-O Let It Grow Set 2: Scarlet Begonias Fire On The Mountain Estimated Prophet Eyes Of The World Drums Gimme Some...
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    Are there lights I can use to extend the light cycle period outside?

    That's a whole 'nuther animal. With auto's you don't worry about the light cycle as far as flower/veg are concerned. (The length of the dark period triggers flowering in photo's) Of course you will increase your yield with increased light, but it's going to flower no matter what you do. Good luck.
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    Good Morning/Weather Report Suite

    I got out before sunrise and got in one charge worth of lawn mowing done. Not too bad then. Now at 955 it's sunny, 87F (HI of 95) with 66% humidity. Forecast high low of 94/73F with 0% of rain today, 10% tonight and 30% tomorrow. 10 day high low of 94/70F with 5 days of possible rain...
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    Good Morning/Weather Report Suite

    Long story short, a laptop killed Larry (the) Gardener, some other stuff happened to kill the next Larry, and now Covid is doing a real number on this version of me. Since March my job blew away and with it, my free time. I am coming in one day a week, but I'm having to do real work. Often when...
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    Rock & Roll Birthdays

    You are both correct.
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    Rock & Roll Birthdays

    1957 Ron Strykert, Australian rock guitarist (Men At Work-Who Can it Be), born in Korumburra, Victoria
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    Rock & Roll Birthdays

    1950 Dennis Elliott, English rock drummer (Foreigner), born in London, England
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    Who remembers the 60's?

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    Does anyone out there absolutely hate their job?

    Before the world went sideways I loved my job. I worked nights and weekends when there were events scheduled. But my last event was in March. I'm working one day a week now just make work type stuff. Plenty busy at home, and I've got used to not having to stop what I'm doing to come into town...