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    What would you be feeding this girl now?

    I have never used jacks but your plant looks healthy. What does jacks consist of? Is it a base fertilizer and thats it? Or does it have additives? If so what type of additives? In week 6 of flower i would be running a base fertilizer and 5 additives. Base fert B vitamins All organic mid stage...
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    56 starter pots grew grey mold overnight. Why and what to do now?

    Ewwww this is gross throw everything you currently have growing away and start over. your soil looks like crap bro i can tell you straight away that you should have mixed more perlite into that soil it looks like a wet soggy mess.(your media is crap bro) I dont grow in soil because it is a low...
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    Could use help with simple floraseries feed chart

    Good luck man i dont grow using floraseries i grow using advanced nutrients. Here is a feeding chart for drain to waste Also if you can post pictures please id like too see how they are doing
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    Passing Drug Test Using "The Urinator"

    No idea what the urinator is but i have used quick fix plus in the past with no problems and i had a friend who applied for a job in a hospital he also used quick fix plus and passed the drug test. Good luck my man
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    New Member, First Post. HELP

    It seems like everyone has everything covered my only 2 cents would be too add some supplemental uva/uvb spectra into your grow room since a 2k hps produces no uv. Also if your running hid one of the most important things you can buy is the reflector! Along time ago i purchased a 3rd generation...
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    Flushing Advice! A little confused about the process

    It depends on your grow media and fertilizers, i grow in rockwool and i flush for 1 day. I use a flushing agent for 6 hours on the last day of lights on and pure ro water for the other 6 hours. So my question too you is what media do you use? And what type of fertilizers? Because cutting off...
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    Any advice

    Honestly my only piece of advice would be too add some supplemental uv spectra into your grow room.
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    Mars Hydro FC 4800 in 4x4

    Quote "depending on your location on the globe, the season of the year, and the time of the day UV-B levels can be upwards of 400 µW/cm²." With this being said 1 solarcure 4 ft uv fixture / bulb will only cover around 8sq ft of space(your tent is 16sq ft) if hung 2 ft above plants. So 4 2ft...
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    Mars Hydro FC 4800 in 4x4

    Also for a 4 x 4 you need like 90 watts of solarcure uv lighting so instead of buying 1 4 ft fixture that is like 40ish watts id buy 4 2 ft fixtures that are 20ish watts each. Also holy macroles they sell for 150 each? Including fixture / bulb? Thats expensive im positive agromax pure uv is...
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    Mars Hydro FC 4800 in 4x4

    I have experience with uv spectra i ran a 10k metal halide from solis tek from veg too flower along time ago which produced uvc uvb and uva right? 30% of this lights total spectral energy lies within the UV spectra. My end quality hit like a truck! But the tops were kinda dried out before i...
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    Mars Hydro FC 4800 in 4x4

    Yup with 4 of those fixtures every corner of your tent will be perfectly lit up for the flowering phase. No lie !!
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    Mars Hydro FC 4800 in 4x4

    Solarcure has uvb and uva just no UVC and yes you are golden at 600w :)
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    Mars Hydro FC 4800 in 4x4

    the ts 1000 is the 150watt model right? If so 4 of them in a 4x4 would work amazing!
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    Mars Hydro FC 4800 in 4x4

    Also uv will help increase yield a bit read this quote "Although UV light does not count toward PAR directly, it helps deliver more PAR-spectrum photons lower into the plant canopy. Plants are incredibly inefficient at capturing and converting PAR light into energy that they can use. Most plants...
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    Mars Hydro FC 4800 in 4x4

    Honestly if i was you id buy the fc 6500, BUy a 5x5 grow tent and add some supplemental UV spectra like a couple agromax pure uv t5 ho fixtures / bulbs Here is a quote "UV grow lights for plants also help increase canopy penetration, allowing for more productive plants as well. ... Because UV...