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    My weed plant is starting to look worrying

    I wouldn't remove any leaves at this point, if that's what you mean by snip. They're turning yellow because the plant isn't getting the nutrients it needs from the soil, so it's cannibalizing the older leaves to feed newer growth. The yellow ones will die and fall off in their own. So far I'd...
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    My weed plant is starting to look worrying

    I mean when the plant starts making flowers (the parts people smoke). That happens when the days get shorter, starting late summer/early fall. Tomato-Tone is just a type of fertilizer - . - it's branded for tomatoes but it works just fine for weed, and...
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    My weed plant is starting to look worrying

    I know coffee grounds are supposed to be a good source of nitrogen, which is what that plant seems to be low on, but if you're just putting the grounds straight on the soil they're probably gonna take a while to break down. I'd go with something a little faster-acting like the Alaska 5-1-1...
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    My weed plant is starting to look worrying

    Are you feeding it anything besides coffee? And what size pot is it in? Looks hungry to me, and if it lives outside then it's either in the "stretch" phase or is about to be, so its nutritional demands are gonna be pretty high right now.
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    Fungus knats or root aphid

    If you look at them when they're sitting still (not stuck to the yellow card), fungus gnats hold their wings flat/horizontal at rest, winged root aphids hold their wings vertically, kinda like a sail
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    Just Raccoons

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    42 x 630cmh lights, how much cooling needed

    Why not get a second opinion from a different HVAC or design company...?
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    I just can't

    But 89 + 9 + 2 = 100...?
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    Is senessence required for a smooth smoke?

    I know they say a slow dry is best, but 6-7 weeks to get to 60% rh seems a bit excessive... It might still be too wet to burn right. Have you tried leaving a bud out in a dry place for a couple days, so it gets like totally bone dry, then smoking it?
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    Hardcore is dead

    Seriously, people use the term "hardcore" to refer to so many different things, it kind of loses its meaning. When I hear it, I think of that 80's harder/faster/louder evolution of the original "punk rock" sound. And I do appreciate the Scandinavian and Japanese bands of that era more than the...
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    Is my bonsi nearly ready yet

    I dunno about turning them into males, but pollinating/seeding everything within a couple miles yeah I can see that happening... Just my opinion but in this day and age, letting a male plant flower outdoors is downright disrespectful
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    Is my bonsi nearly ready yet

    Story of everyone's life haha. The haircut probably did not help either...
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    Is my bonsi nearly ready yet

    Ope, forgot not everyone is in summer right now...
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    Is my bonsi nearly ready yet

    Looks like pretty loose bud structure so less likely to get mold when the buds fatten up. I'd let it run until all those white hairs turn brown and curl up. It'll probably take a few weeks at least. Where are you that you need to run a wood stove in July??
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    What is the most important nutrient to give to a seedling that's hungry?

    Also no one nutrient is more important than the rest at any stage of growth. They all need to be there, if you go chasing or emphasizing one, you're more likely to throw off the balance and lock others out.