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    help w/budget

    Get coupons for free food, make arrangements to take leftovers from restaurants. Try take wifi passwords of closeby bars and restaurants, they often give them out when you buy a coffee or anything else. Then you can go hide near them and use data there. Get roommates to share the rent and...
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    Dehumidifier? Worth it?

    The body of my dehumidifier is kept outside the flowering room and it blows dry air from a vent that i cut in the side. Smell will leak back once you shut off the exhaust
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    kill pathogens with high-pressure water!

    For one pressurized water will destroy cannabis tissue. As for oxidation, H2O2 will destroy cannabis tissue at a concentration lower than that needed to kill the spider mite. if you want to clean the system with high pressure water, then that's another story.
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    Tent size

    roughly 10'x6' of actual canopy grow area but that would be very difficult with 4 plants only would require a vegging period that would be insane. You would do better by growing morer smaller plants like 20 and aim at 3 or 4 oz from each. but maybe try to grow a smaller area first and learn a...
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    Dinafem, is this a good breeder?

    I tried a few strains from Dinafem i kept Original Amnesia which i find extremely potent and indeed is original. I found Ripper Seeds to be another great Spanish breeder. I tried 2 strains Ripper Haze and Double Glock from them, and both are definitely keepers. I wish i bought other strains from...
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    GH nutrients

    yes 100ppm is pretty low i guess with hardwater micro you would need more calcium additives
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    GH nutrients

    I think that the ingredients are the same for both GH and GHE. I use the charts on the bottles not exactly the same I just work around them according to which stage i am at. You can choose between softwater and hardwater flora micro. I still use additives basically i add magnesium sulfate and I...
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    Cleaning grow tent for next run

    PM is VERY strain dependent IME. If the environment in the tent is good and you're still having it, get another strain
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    Nothing dumber than a flat earther

    I had an experience with a flat earther who was dumb obviously, because he believed that the earth was flat. Well I took him and my telescope to a far point on the coast and pointed toward a lighthouse that according to my calculations should be all below the horizon with the top of the tower...
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    How to transport weed

    hanging them while driving is not a good idea. You could use totes that fit them side by side one layer of plants per tote then lid on top and a second tote over it. It would require some volume though. If you chop the branches off the main stem and lay them side by side, would save you lots of...
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    Any ideas what's going on

    WOW 3000w LED for a 3x3, that's overkill
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    Seed Storage System Question

    Yep, my beans are stored in the freezer and surprisingly they sprout almost 100% after more than 10 years of storage
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    Election Night 2020

    The biggest monopolies are the ones unified against him. These only care about their profits and more taxes on the regular people and more regulations that make it impossible for small individuals to start a business. That's classical leftism, we can go on all day about it, it is just my view on...
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    Election Night 2020

    hanimmal my opinion doesn't really matter since i am not even american or living there. Respecting opinions is very important. Facts are not always blunt facts especially in politics. I have seen politicians mess up so badly, believe me that you might one day be disappointed with the ones that...
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    Election Night 2020

    Fox vs all corporations and fox was not committed anything close to ALL other networks. CNN ABC CNBC washington post times etc.. etc... plus twitter facebook google social media platforms. Whenever you see all big corporations so committed to remove Trump, you should ask yourself why. Anyway, I...