38 Amnesia Clones with Fluence Lightning.

Everything is round and roughly cut (from the stem and large leaf removed).
The reason I think it is that the cuttings became too big for the small tent and had to be transferred as soon as possible.
I now let it dry in the small tent and in a week I will cut everything neatly.
It seems that it will be quite a nice yield so I am very curious about the final weight.
Soil has been upgraded with worm manure, lava meal, fungi, bacto and biotabs.
Was a lot of work, but the new cuttings are immediately back in their final pot.
I had some healthy cuttings left and a few old smaller pots with some lightmix so I have a really packed loft next round, 48 pieces in total.
I'll post the results here as soon as I get them in, anyone willing to take a guess? Keep in mind that there were some open spaces in the foliage due to switching too early.


Been very busy but the score is in, I think also the best I've achieved so far...
1645 grams, I am very very happy with it in any case.
Never again a seed plant for me, only cuttings from now on.
The new cuttings went yesterday on 12/12 so I expect to get the tent pretty full.



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Good job bro , yeah I seems like people only reply to a few grow journals these days instead of everyone but whatever, keep it up I’m sure you can dial it in and get higher yields