Apollo 13 f5s available. Mendel/Mota line. For trade

Still have any f5's for trade? Did you make any outcrosses with the A13 dad's?
I just did an op run using doc d's: lemon jack x Swazi(blueberry x Malawi). I made F2's using 3 males and 4 females, and also outcrossed to some stuff: African piff no2 from top dawg, peyote cookies (clone from a friend, not sure of the original seed line), and Odie (an s1 selection from some Charlotte's web x pennywise/ very pennywise dominant - lime haze and skunk)
I also just finished sorting seeds from a run I finished this fall. I'd used a male from a line I'd made a few years ago that I call Lillipution kush. It's a runtz bagseed female crossed to duke diamond vault Apollo 13 bx1. Funky, fermented fruit and gas. I made F2's and Crossed it to a handful of plants: Balkh Afghani x Malawi #6 from swami, the African piff no2 from top dawg, dirty girl (another s1 selection from pennyweb, and cherry wine x lapk/Wilson from Masonic gear.
If interested just hit me up


Apollo 13 f5s available. Mendel/Mota line. For trade. Looking for sativa dominant strains and landrace sativas.
I have a ton of the following seeds
-NorthernLights#5 x Skunk#1
-ThaixThaixThaix Angola Red
-Mexican Haze
-White Widow
-Durban Posion
-Super Silver Haze
-Chocolate Diesel