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Nice where did you score that deal?
The old Neptune seed auction site just before they took it offline due to people selling fake opened packs and doing the ol' switcheroo and then re-emerging as

I brought an opened pack of Seed Junky - Gelato #41 × Sherb BX for $250 US that I was super stoked about but after some closer examination it has caused me to have some doubts about it's authenticity.

However the one redeeming fact is that it says 10+ Reg seeds on the description label so I'm thinking that if it is a legitimate pack the previous owner has skimmed 2 or 3 free of the best looking beans and then on-sold it for the same price he originally paid for it. A decent little win on his behalf if that's what has happened and I didn't get sold some random seeds in an old SEED Junky pack.

Shit, just realised I probably should've elaborated in my post that it was a 6x fem pack of Do-lato with the Ice Cream Cone coming in regs for $150 US in total with international stealth shipping.


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attitude seedbank has casper og in stock, heard a lot of good things about it might have to grab a pack now they are in stock.


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All 3 grimace have thrown roots just waiting 4 a few more on a #2 clone, #3 and #1 are already in the back 2 solo cups. Put all of them in the flower tent and cut one extra clone off each. No sex indicators from any of the scooby snacks yet but I've taken a cut off each and #3 has started to root