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Didn't even realise there was a local thread, sgoin on everyone ! Hope you're all well

For those indoors, what's everyones preference for dehumidifier ? Really needing to pick something up ASAP and wondering if the DeLonghi Dehumidifiers work well enough as seems to be all that's around. Otherwise what's everyone running ? And for those of you running them what RH % does it get you down to/for what size tent?

Just entering flower and needing to bring it down as the plug n play AC even with evaporative cooling only brings it down to 60s-80s lights on.

I've got a DeLonghi one man, it's ok but I bought it in a rush there are definitely better ones out there I reckon
Yeah easily man but I'm only in a 1.2mx2.4m tent
Sick, which size do you have/how many litres a day does it do? As i've got tents 2.7m x 1.5m so probably only about a meter larger squared. Otherwise do they have an external drain or do you need to swap the tray on the reg? Or easy to just DIY flowing drainage?


Good Mycelium networks are the backbone of all good soils.
I read a lot of dribble on forums from overnight organic experts and their "feed the soil" garbage,how on Earth do they think you can feed clay,silt and sand is beyond me,you're trying to cycle nutrients by stimulating microbial action not feeding the soil. Organic/Biological growing is both really basic and highly complex at the same time but my view on it is you need to have the right minerals in the right ratios and have the right microbes behind them.
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If you're not seeing signs of life in your upper layers you haven't got enough microbiology working for you cycling the organic matter so that it can used by the plant.
So what is that white stuff on the top layer? Mycelium?


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seedlings is turning yellow
what could be the cause ?
no over watering .or any nutrients added
light is enough close. around 14-15 inches
using cree cxb3590 3500K on them at 1400mA
Humidity is around 45%
and temperature at 26 drgree celcius
near 79 F..20181214_200921.jpg