Best nutrient choice .. anyone could help ?


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I got this tomato nutrient that I want to ues for flowering stage, but it has an NPK 16-9-20
What can you people say about this one ?
Thnx for the help


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Roll with it...if it works on tomatoes it will work on other fruit bearing plants as well. No need to get caught up in all the fancy packaging and over priced hype.


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The ratios are really good, but what quality?

I highly recommend Hydroponic-Research Veg+Bloom

It's a one step dry powder


Budswel with supernatural green stay, or supernatural bloom terra. Had great results in soil either way.
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The ratios are really good, but what quality?

I highly recommend Hydroponic-Research Veg+Bloom

It's a one step dry powder
...I wish the hell I could figure out how that shit works for soil grows. I mean, in plain English, how much per a gallon of water and how much at each stage of the grow. I have that stuff, but I dont know how to correctly use it. :)


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ammend with lime and use what you have, you are in soil so if you want to get extra fancy just buy a tub of jacks classic, works like a champ and you dont pay for the water in the bottled nutes


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I'd HIGHLY recommend CNS17 by Botanicare. I've had the healthiest lushest looking plants I've ever grow using the grow/bloom/ripe. It is REALLY affordable. I just bought the 2.5 gallon jugs off Amazon for $190 with shipping!! I bought the 1 gallon initially and was so pleased this past two years I invested in a large quantity. I never really liked mixing several different additives and still feeling like their marketing tactics still left me feeling like I was missing their other over priced snake oil etc. I have really hard water here where I live and haven't run into any deficiencies since switch from Botanicare's Pure Blend Pro line-up.
CNS17 is by far the best overall one-part I have come across! Does anyone else have any experience with CNS17?

Check it out for yourself!

CNS17® is the result of an innovative technology that allows us to produce a professional strength, one part nutrient with all of the required mineral ions in correct balance. Originally developed as a professional grade nutrient by renowned scientist Dr. Lynette Morgan, CNS17‘s revolutionary suspension technology utilizes polysaccharides in a proprietary process that makes it possible for all 17 essential plant nutrients to be contained in convenient single bottle formulas. Once diluted in water, these simple sugars hydrolyze and provide the added benefit of becoming a highly available energy source for beneficial microbes and plants. No other product offers such a complete range of elements in a single bottle while priced at less than half most major competitors. CNS17 is a high yielding, low cost nutrient that provides everything plants need in single grow, bloom, and ripening formulas.

CNS17® Bloom is extremely concentrated, cost effective, and produces premium results for the commercial grower and hobbyists. Formulated for all grow medias, the NPK ratio in CNS17 Bloom was designed to provide specific critical elements to support heavily fruiting and flowering crops which allows phosphorus and potassium levels to be maximized without leading to toxicity or nutrient burn. CNS17 Bloom formula also combines also optimal levels of calcium, sulfates, and trace minerals to guarantee a complete and balanced spectrum of plant nutrients throughout the entire bloom phase.

  • Produces high yields at an economical value
  • Cost effective for large scale production
  • Only 3 formulas to statisfy all growing methods
  • Highly soluble formula excels in DWC, Aeroponic, and NFT systems
  • pH stable
  • Contains optimum levels of phosphorus and potassium