Best Types of Shrooms


Is there such thing as the best type of shrooms? Like for the weed, hydro is better than regs.

I bought spore syringes off spores 101 and they are:


Are these familiar to you? Are they any potent?


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Spores101 is not a good source, a member from another forum lost all his jars from a contaminated syringe.


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The trips and potency of different cubensis strains tend to be in the same ball park, except for the penis envy strain. Based on all the reports I've read, PE's tend to be significantly more potent and have a cleaner feeling. I haven't had a chance to try them though. There are different species other than cubensis such as Pan Cyans and so forth, many of which are more potent. I'm sure those strains you have will be great. A lot of people grow B+ and Cambos. In fact I currently have some Panama lying around from 101 that I'm waiting to use. Use the search bar at shroomery and you'll find endless strain discussions and grow logs.


I like fly amanita great trip and the big red caps look great to and my favorite part is there legal here in the states.


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A cube is a cube, but a isolate/clone is were you get consistent potency. I run a clone from Panama, kicks ass.

Mush genetics are not like plants.

Remember mush is neither plant nor animal.


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Start with cubes, work up to pans when you get some skills. Cubes are easy and fun. Mycotopia is a really good site too. I've learned alot from it.