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Hi everyone !

a little less than a year ago I learned about the use of ganja, unfortunately my father's prostate cancer problem, which passed away 3 months ago, pushed me to do so.

Without going into too many details, I had the opportunity to participate in a shamanic ritual which gave considerable benefits to my father at that moment.

he had taken some type of extract, I think QWISO, enclosed in a capsule and subsequently ingested.

I don't hide the fact that I'm looking for a way to understand how to understand this process thoroughly, I hope to find an answer in this wonderful forum.

thank you all

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if your going to ingest ganja, you need to decarb it first or your wasting your time. use the search engine and look up extracts that should give you a good selection of extraction methods.
sorry about your loss
welcome to the mad growroom, make use of the search engine, most questions will be in there, but never be afraid to ask questions, the search engine will have many differant answers, so once you have a better idea of what to ask, go for it
be kind to others and happy growing, and a picture paints a thousand words, so if you have a problem.
i typed this yesterday, so if its been answered. thaught id let you know
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