Clearwater Genetics


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I think they mixed up my seeds. I bought a 12 pack of lime og x karma sour diesel and got 5 males so far I hope the other 7 is females. I’m pissed


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Same, I found myself using the bv cut purely for the kief and packing different bud in the bowl, I ran it 3 times then decided it wasn't worth keeping around. Beautiful bud though no doubt
That's similar to how I would describe the "Bad Root". Great to look at, nice smell and density, but lacking in flavor and only so-so for potency. Close to being nice.


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I emailed them. I tried to click a discord link but not working. I saw one male I was thinking ah it happens. Then two then five then I thought man they mixed up my seeds. Im going to try to go look for there discord
If u have an issue u have to go thru their email. [email protected]. Discord won't be able to help you. They will just refer u to the email. Make sure to include your order number and where u bought the seeds. Usually takes them 3-5 business days to get back to you, with the bolo runtz drop that just happened I'm guess they are pretty busy. I had an issue where I bought 2 packs of maitai x zg and only 5 of the 24 popped and they sent me a new pack no problem. I bought 2 packs of Hi-chew x Karma and Animal mint cake x Karma and had no issues. All female. Just fyi.


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Is there anywhere to find information/descriptions on the different strains and lines CW offers? Do they still have an active discord?

very active discord. use the search bar, cw has explained several crosses and projects