Cloning fast with cloners. Willow water?

I have been cloning a few years now and I tried a lot of things but now I just use a clone king 36 site and I only use city tap water in the machine with a cap of peroxide about 2 or 3 cuts in each coller up to 100 cuts I let pump run 24 7 on my basement floor with a light bulb on 24 7 most the time I spray cuts with water a cpl times a day I get roots like this in about 3 weeks I then put 95 percent of the cuts about 80 90 clones ready for cups.
I'm thinking of trying willow water this year since it's available and suppose to have super rooting shit in it does anyone else know how I can get roots in 7-10 days ready for cups any easier? how do ppl get them in 7 to 10 days in clone machines I would like to know



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I'm my experience it's very strain and even phenotype dependent. Cloned these 2 cookies plants 10 times now and one is solid 7 to 10 days every time and the other is never sooner than 14 days usually 16 ish. Got the seeds on the same pack lol.


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I put 2ml/gal cloning gel into the cloner as well as rapidstart from gh and hypochlorous acid. Ph to 5.8-5.9. Run the pump 10mins on 15mins off something like that. I run an air stone in my cloner as well. Roots usually 7-10 days. Stubborn ones can take a few days longer. Fast rooters can start forming roots in 5days. I keep the temps in the low 70's.