Compassionate Distributors in Ruidoso was good, very good.


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Went to this place in Ruidoso, Compassionate Distributors. It was killer. They had like 20 strains available for sale by the gram. I came out of there with about 10 different ones. About 7 of 'em are total dank kickass, the other 3 were not as strong, but good. Staff was knowledgeable and helpful. You can smoke cannabis in the store. Nothing not to like about this place.

Better stuff than I've gotten from R. Greenleaf, better than a lot of black market.
I've been at Compassionate several times, since it opened in Ruidoso, NM. They alway seem to have several indicas, sativa strains and much more. I love the customer service they provide. I also like how you are just welcomed to view their products and learn a few things about these wonderful plants. The best part of this organization, it that the owners are always open to any talk and they are very knowlegable. I can't say one negative thing other than I wish they were in my area of the state. I also want to mention that they do deliver to me when I can't drive there... Now thats customer service. I recommend any person with a valid patient medical id card to go check it out. They get FIVE ***** from me.... :bigjoint:
I made the two hour drive to Compassionate on 4/20. It was great! Very good service. I walked out of there feeling like family! This was refreshing because the one provider in my area is not very friendly, and the medicine is inferior. THANKS AGAIN! JAH BLESS!


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Very poor quality. They don't display testing results of the products which leads to a huge gap in reporting of quality. Shall we just take their word for it, or should they post their test results on products being sold to patients so the patients know exactly what they are getting. Too many descriptions that sound like Hippies wrote it and do nothing to justify the seriousness of the medicine. I recently went to their 4/20/16 sales and was again disappointed. The shatter is twice the amount of normal prices and half the measurements. Whoever is making it for them does a fine job but their quality of marijuana that goes into the batches is under par so the concentrate ends up coming off as harsh to smoke and low potency. I have also had flowers that popped and crackled when smoked, which leads me to believe an error in the flushing or curing process was made. I did receive a free gram sample for the event. However, when asking the clerk about the strain, the answer to me was, "I am not sure, it was a random mix of greens bagged up. I can't tell you if its an Indica/Sativia and no info on THC/CB levels.". Too me this was very poor knowledge and doesn't help me in picking the correct strain for my conditions, but thanks for the freebie of "trash".. I really would visit the other dispensaries in the area or even in Artesia before I spent too much valuable healthcare money on this place. My one compliment is that they have 1 or 2 employees that definitely seem like they enjoy being there and helping. As far as the others I have encounterd, one of the females seemed too stoned to be useful and the others just seemed like its a job.. so there you go..