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'Very new to the neighborhood and hoping to introduce myself. My name is Maggie and I live in Baja California. I grew my own, for the very first time last season. The thrill is going to be really big, now that I know what a difference the dirt makes in the quality of the bud. I'm so excited that I'm not waiting for spring. Winter is our wet season, here on the coast below Ensenada; I'm going to have enough sun! It won't freeze! Yum yum!

"Dirt Pot" is a sad truth in my world. I thought that if I was very good to a seed from a deprived plant, I'd be rewarded. Our "tap water" isn't drinking water. A lot of stories say it's a bug, others say it's the salt. I know that our brackish tap water is salty, and using purified water (not distilled) proved to be appreciated.

Then came the dirt. I'm using an animal feed additive that is sedge peat/very clean humic&fulvic acids, it's dirt. It's ancient dirt. It's full of the stardust stuff we animals are made of, I've got a couple of projects going toward a full cycle of ancient humic&fulvic acid enriched soil augmentation, through to comsumption resulting in healthier, happier humans. Medicinal herbs have been starving for it, too. Giving it to my girls, with watering, made them very pretty and sweet!

I've never seen such sparkle! The goodies came with bells on. All three were female and the perfume was intoxicating. A friend came for the husbandry part.

So, get some ancient humic acids and feed your plants! Take some yourself, every day! In 20 years with ancient humic acids, I've never had a virus; I've seen my osteoporosis become irrelevant; and I love my life! I'm old now! It matters! And, the buzz from happy pot is REALLY happy!

So, hi. I wasn't looking to join, much less introduce myself, but I came in to find out how long to cool the soil I just nuked to sterilize before giving it the sprouted seeds. (Warm could have been an advantage that someone could tout, or making space in the fridge for an hour?) I came upon a thread that I can't find now, but the subject was with root aphids. (Eventually, someone mentioned the microwave, but not if the seedlings are better for warm or cold.)

I can't remember if I've ever had any notes on the temp of the soil best for seedlings, but I know that 2 minutes in the microwave, a big baggie of dirt, not quite closed, will kill all the bugs and seeds that I don't want to fight later! It works. Soil, the elements and microbes we want and need, are safe.

Life is in the dirt. Work it smarter!


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All I see is, "don't eat this!" No.

I'm not sure what there is in that bag, but it's not anything Mother Nature intended. It says it is harmful if swallowed! Dirt is supposed to be a part of our consumption, 'ancient dirt is vital to animals. It is also vital to the plants that are vital to animals that are vital to humans, however we have learned to consume them. Yadda-yadda... we are what we eat, but it's about quality over quantity.

I think that if I feed it to my fur baby, my pot, or my self in any way, it best be the real thing, right.

I can't be the only one in the room who gets the part where we're connected to EVERYTHING else; right?

I still want to wonder after what could, possibly, be toxic in packaged humus. My roots are blonde. I don't know; but, "no."

But, get this:
The ancient dirt I'm on about is hundreds of thousands of years in the making. Any plant is going to be tickled pink with voluptuous humus. Golly gee, that compost from this last year is so good we don't even need the, dang, earth worms! Absolutely right! Any plant is going to be greener, thicker, higher, whatever. Is it going to get us what we need for cultivating it? 'Not without the stuff that took the earth, hundreds of thousands of years to accomplish.

I hope we all think about what we give our units (bodies) to work with. I smoke my medicine. I'm really grateful for marijuana as medicine; -- you'd fall over to know the side effects of my pharmaceutical alternatives. I've learned tricks to make whatever I could acquire into what I needed, from what I had to smoke, and I've kept my sanity. I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE in Bio-chemistry, but I have zero faith in pharmaceuticals. It's the dollar problem.

And, it's become really hard to find honesty in advertising of Humic Acids via retail. I've, personally, ordered and gotten stuck with Humic Acids that turn my stomach to work with (for the pitch) and belong in a hole. No kidding; it's criminal to sell such nasty when fine and sweet is available.

I'd like to be believed when I tell you that there's a huge difference between anciently decomposed plant matter, and what someone has made in the recent past from the kitchen. Even with the earth worms. Earth worms are as giant microbes, but it takes the mighty, miniscule microbes to break down the stardust we need for our bones, and offer it perfectly for our bodies to want and use it. It's crazy beautiful, to me.

So, try to wrap your mind around how it is that everything you can do for your medicine plant is instant Karma, back-at'cha. I'm just sayin'. The stuff in the photo is probably just fine. But, I figure that the plants we really know come of the Universe's fondness for us, like marijuana, rate right up here with care for ourselves, first shelf. I am powerless ill. I want to be very good to what I hope will be very good to me~

What can I say; "keep up the good work, kiddo!" Yeah, you have a million things to learn, but you're already smart, right?