Effects of defoliation during flowering

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I totally agree. No offense.
Although a stupid response may be a question in earnest. Our basics are advanced bio chemistry and plant biology to many. KISS.

Trying to maintain comprehension levels for all interested.

The more successful growers.....The soon it is truly legal.
Lol, more posturing then loaded threats but the shit I read here

Your dead right. KISS and method is design and so is outcome. So your are never doing X method. You are working toward a desired effect/outcome.

Paint by numbers crowd will always be happy but real heads are rarely satisfied


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I need to do a LST tutorial....this is the torture i did to the dutch treat at work today. 6 more weeks of of fuck that table, fuck that branch...wtf fuck..then omg
Like this one I wrote on icmag 15 years ago?


Samwell Seed Well

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Like this one I wrote on icmag 15 years ago?

Thats cheating, how am I supposed to feel my self-imposed sense of greatness if you link ICmag every time a discussion pops up


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I have mainlined for a few years, and have since switched back to LST.
It's faster and doesn't require constant plant recovery.
The canopy uniformity and yield I suppose made it say 15% more advantageous in the flower phase once harvested.
However, given the extra work, electricity etc, I can save 3 weeks easy just by manipulating via LST.

I suggest trying it though, because it really does improve your understanding of the plants development.

Happy Growing!
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Mainlineing is just cool as FK..growing cannabis is so interesting, you get to decide so much, I aint smoked weed for 15yrs and won't but I have grown solely for pleasure.


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You can Defoliate to Week 4 of Flowering but not to Agressiv just here and there then you can do it but not to much just every few Day's so that's how it looks on Day 25 of Flowering