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I doubt Jones is going to get suckered into a standup fight with a bigger, high level kickboxer. I'm not sure if Jones can actually KO him. I watched Gane's last fight right before I posted that last comment and noticed that he always slightly off balance. I think jones will stay outside and then close the gap at every opportunity.

All of that said, Jones likes to beat people at their own game. So we might see a slick kickboxing match.
You're correct on the KO theory I think,Jones cuts people up (death by a thousand cuts),some lgt. heavys who fought him don't rave about his punching power. I don't want him to lose to a frenchman and he's doing this for the 2 belt thing,I think he was unbeatable at 205 but maybe as he ages making weight is a prob. now. At 205 he had all the advantages w/ his length, if DC had the same physical gifts as JJ their fights might have been different.


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I don't know, I *wasn't disappointed that it was a short fight. We just watched maybe the greatest fighter to ever live pull a nearly flawless victory after moving up a weight class to win the belt.

*I had to correct a huge typo there. I wasn't disappointed that it was a short fight. I always thought it was funny when people complained about Mike Tyson destroying some poor bastard in the first round.
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I do not like Jon as a person but have always said he is the goat and it’s not even close. I’m sure I’ve said it many times in this thread. Last night solidified that if it was solidified enough already.