Growing Diary

Hello everyone and good luck to everyone who enjoys this hobby. I decided to open the first real diary, and below I will list all the details that I know myself
It's about :
- 4 plants from seeds of unknown species
- Start of vegetation date: 15.5
- Mix soil from the garden and flower humus

Additional information -
- I am currently waiting for the plants or the plant to show sex, I decided to continue to grow in a transparent bag with the addition of new soil instead of the one I "created".
-It is a land potground H 70l with florabella as a reserve
-The fertilizer I will use will be manure, such as horse manure, because I experimented with it right from the start and the plant experienced an explosion of maturation in the vegetation (one of four)

- I ordered 4 seeds of "Sweet Skunk" autoflower from a Slovenian company, for faster flowering and safe sex.
- That is all the information I have to give so far, and I would like some advice

I actually take this as the first real grow, even if they are all male I will separate them from the autoflowers I intend to plant.

All in all, I intend to keep the whole diary to the end regardless of gender, deformities, diseases and more. This year, my goal is to learn how to grow marijuana in the right way and with what treatment.

As a marijuana smoker for seven years, I haven't done a single grow. Any advice in outdoor breeding would be welcome because I think we were all beginners and were looking for some tips for the most successful harvest. Just as there are people here who want to help beginners, so next season I want to too.

- Keep a diary because I will regularly post new details and pictures, and now I will post pictures with a comparison from 10 days ago and today. If you have time take a look and say your opinion!