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I’m new here but not to Cannabis or Cannabutter! Made a nice batch of butter with 5 oz Northern Lights & got 8 full sticks of butter with it! Is this a good yield ?
Depends how strong it is. Could have used 10 sticks and got a larger but more dilute yield. I make mine with coconut oil and find a 10:1 mix gete me wasted with 1tsp if it was good strong bud. 10g oil to 1g dry bud. 10g of oil to 1.5g of good sugar trim is about the same strength.

How much pot did you use with 2lbs of butter is another question? 2lbs is 1108g so would need 111g of pot for a 10:1 mix.



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I use about 40g nugs with 6 sticks in a magic butter machine to end up with about 2 cups finished.

What are you going to make with it?

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