hlg blackbird?


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looks like hlg have a new light on the way, anyone know any details?...

looks like a scorpion diablo but all black, actual board pcb's are different looks like they have different diode selection/arangement/layout?.


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I was listening to an interview with one of the founders of HLG and he was talking it up but not giving away any details. I think that the idea was that it's similar to the Diablo, but aimed at the beginner small hobbyist getting involved and priced down into that range a bit more than the S/D.
Found these from another grow forum. There's going to be that one pictured above, Called the Blackbird 600 as well as a single called the Blackwing 225. Both in matte black, with a white Air Force theme logo for lack of a better word.
To be released in January.And yes, the larger one is for a 4' x 4' area Max.

Any thoughts on what these are running? Look very different then their other boards. I wonder if they're using the Samsung LH351H v3 there?


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Looking at the boards, my guess is they're an new layout optimized to eliminate the center hotspot and improve light distribution. Which in theory should allow for closer lamp placement.
Can't wait to find out what they really got brewing here. The LEDs look much larger then the ones in my 350r Diablo EVO.


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Before I even seen the air force logo it reminded me of one of those top secret government planes all blackd out... exactly the vibe I got


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HLG looks like they will be bringing out a lower price point line with that 200 watt Diablo listing at $199 with X series Mean Well. $1.00 per watt.
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Yes that's exactly what they're going for. The Diablo 200 isn't here to stay. Just selling the V1 Diablo boards to make use of the rest of all their NOS (new old stock). The 350r as well as the Scorpion Diablo now all have the V2 Diablo boards with the added broader blue spectrum and bump in efficiency.


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Anyone know what the driver is HLG is using on their new "Blackbird" According to what I read its 600 watts, dimmable and designed for a 4x4 tent. Agreed the color is strange for a fixture but damn if isn't sexing looking!