How to use homegrown Aloe? Couple other questions

Kind Sir

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I grow my own aloe, I know you can use the “meat” straight or make powders and such.

- How much “meat” per gallon?
-How do you guys foliar with homegrown aloe?

I transplanted into my 4x4 bed like 10 days ago, I want to flip to flower shortly.

-Any suggestions on your defoliation process?
-Should I Topdress anything shortly?

Kind Sir

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When I use fresh aloe I chop fine and soak in water. Probably about 1 cup of leaf material chopped per 5 gallon bucket or so. Soak for a few hours. Strain through cheese cloth. Squeeze!!! Snd water in. Ez pz
Have you ever made it into a powder before? I was thinking about doing that, if it’s worth it that is