Inhalers / Aerosol products

Alter Jean

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Hey there,

Recently I've been to a few states that have gone legal, but they do not allow smoke consumption or edible consumption of MMJ.
A 'Medical Only' situation.

Strictly Medical - Which is appearing as product produced in the form of an inhaler cartridge and/or spray. There is metered dosing and also the different formulations they are crafting are very interesting. It is different than tinctures and other forms by a long shot...

1:1:1 THC CBD CBG etc... Many different combinations are possible.

As a smoker, I don't find myself using these products. But I see them highly beneficial for professionals and other people who like to not be seen smoking / vaping. Also the onset is supposed to be fairly instant. I am curious about if there would be coughing with some people still?

I don't agree with the States rules of Medical Only. Limited number of shops and all are owned by the State etc.
but we can change this with enough people.

Is anyone familiar with these types products? Have you tried anything like an inhaler or aerosol?
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