Is this bad


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Post more about the medium, what you're feeding, lights etc. It appears you're still in veg, and yes it's not a good thing to have yellowing etc that early. Your yield will suffer.


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My medium is miracle grow performance organics, and i have two 1000 watt led lights and my fertilizer 10,10,10
Don't feed anything until plants show first signs of going lighter in colour. If it's slow released nutrients I would probably start top dressing a couple of weeks earlier.

Hard to tell you what's wrong when you give us no data on how you use the products like how often you use it and at what dosage or strength?

If it's mineral based and water soluble we would like to know if you started giving them nutrient and what's your plan in terms of feeding regiment and at what EC value and pH? Focus on watering frequency and don't let the medium fully dry out between waterings.

You want the medium to be completely saturated at every watering/feeding, this is very hard to do when the water only travels along the surface of the pot when completely dry and some parts never get covered in water

The surface should be dry but if you put the finger a few inches in the soil the soil should still have some moisture in it. Then water about 30% of your total water volume and wait a couple of minutes and then water the rest. This helps to resaturate and cover the whole medium in the pot.

What light do you use? No commercial light is 1000w at the wall. Probably closer to 240w? Good luck with your grow!
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From the leaves it appears to me, that at the same time, you have nute burn (how I hate Miracle Grow) and also a mineral deficiency. This is why soil always beats "soil".


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MIracle Grow is not soil. It's garbage and chemicals.
To be fair I know people who have done fine in Miracle Grow, not me personally I'm not capable of growing outside of hydro. So all you soil peeps have me beat.

So what soil do you use
A lot of people use Fox Farms Happy Frog or Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I grow in Coco which is hydro and another world entirely.

Try giving those girls a dose of Epsom salts found at most pharmacies or chain stores like Walmart. Dissolve 1 gram/gallon and add it to your next watering. See if that helps you.


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I mix my own medium up in a wheelbarrow. It is 40% black nursery soil, 15% worm castings, 25% moss peat, 20% Perlite, Then a bit of wood ash and rotted sheep poo mixed in. I used to grow in coco using flood and drain and it's convenient because the pots are light when dry. But I found that my yields are 30% bigger in soil.


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I like using any of the mycoactive promix soils, they tend to be forgiving, not hot at all, and promotes a good, healthy rhizosphere. Also widely available and not too expensive. May be a tad better than the miracle grow.