Kief meltdown!


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I recently heard about taking kief and melting it between parchment paper using a hair straightener. Has anybody tried this and what would you say are the do's and don'ts.


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The "Rosin" extraction process was probably initially developed by that method. You need a means of applying mechanical pressure, as opposed to just hand pressure. I originally experimented with Rosin using a DIY rig using a DeWalt ratchet clamp with the two heating pads from a hair straightener attached.

See attached:

As far as heat settings, it would vary considerably depending on components and design, but the idea is to use enough heat to melt the essential oils in the kif and squeeze them out of the remaining cellulose material, onto the parchment paper, where it can be harvested. You need to experiment, starting with high pressure and ramping the heat up until you get the results you covet.



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The easiest way to do this, IMO, is with a wine bottle filled with water that is just below boiling. Put the pile of kief in parchment paper or cellophane (cellophane works better, IMO) and slowly roll the wine bottle over it, with pressure, until it melts into a thin sheet. Then pull the cellophane open really fast and the melted resin will stick to one side. Fold the melted resin on top of of its self a few times to make a cube out of it, fold the cellophane over it again, and repeat the process a few times. This will cause the decarb process in the hash and will give you a really nice smoke. If you want it to be even better the, when you are done, make a ball out of it by heating our hands on the hot bottle and roll the hash in your hands until you have a shiny ball, then wrapp that ball tightly in cellophane and put it in a sealed container for a month or two to age.