Looking to go hydro


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So I'm making a list of what I need, I'm gonna get a cheap ec-meter and ph-drops. I'm gonna use hydro pebbles up to the drainhole, and rest of the way coco (I can't stand working with perlite, makes me cough and sneeze).

What about nutrients? Would Canna Coco a+b work? Plus their Calmag Agent? P+K when flowering? Or which generally available and economic nutrient line would be good for coco?

Thanks again! :peace:
I bought two cheap ec meters and two cheap ph meters. Then I threw them in the trash and bought quality. I suggest an HM Digital COM-80 EC meter. It's the cheapest one I trust, $26 on ebay. I bought two used for about $10 each. Buy or make calibration solution if buying a used meter.