Maybe a week left

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone can help me determine how close my lady is to being done. It looks like she is at about 70 percent cloudy trichomes. This is a Mother of Berry and she has been flowering for 45 days or 38 if you take a week away. The flower time is suppose to be 45 to 55 days. I am looking for peak THC. I have only seen some amber on the sugar leaves which I am sure does not count.
Anyways here are some pics.
P8100013.JPG P8100012.JPG P8100008.JPG
Some are a little closer but the last shot is of the main cola and it still has some time to mature. I did drop the lighting to 11 hours of light during week 5 and just dropped it to 10 hours yesterday.
It is hard for me to tell since my eyes are not so great anymore. One of the reasons I am growing my medicine. If you would like to see more pictures visit my grow journal
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By the look of the hairs. I'd guess two more weeks. You're right about amber on the leaves. It doesn't count. The trics go amber on the leaves well before the bud itself will.

I never go by when they say it's going to be ready. Too much nerve racking. I currently have two plants that are the same strain. One is getting cut on Sunday. Today is day 75. The other doesn't even show amber. There will be at least a week difference in harvest times. Some plants are faster then others. Some are a straight slow-a$$.
By the look of the hairs. I'd guess two more weeks. You're right about amber on the leaves. It doesn't count. The trics go amber on the leaves well before the bud itself will.
I forgot to mention I dropped her down to 10 hours and this is for sure a 45-55 day flowering plant. I have grown it several times. I also should have mentioned that I don't want amber trichomes (CBN). I did some selective harvesting already. I saw a lot of milky, some cloudy and a few clear.
Here is a picture on day 46 with regular light. I took 1 nug on this day.
Here is a close up and I see a few amber. This plant is really amazing. Around here they call MOB a cash crop. I know I could wait longer and get more but, as I said I really wanted straight THC as much as possible since it helps me the most. Just a personal preference. Too much amber makes me feel icky.
So I will let you know how it tastes and works in a couple of days.
Oh today is day 48 and I chopped the tops.
I think this is a great example of how much harvest time can vary from strain to strain. If I though this was a 65 day or more flower I may have been screwed. I have learned from this that it is best to check hairs, trichomes, and the good old fashioned nose. I swear I could smell that she was getting very ripe. The last place I worked the guy made me leave them on until more than 50% was amber and the smell had left the plant at that point in my opinion.
Sorry about go on so long and hope I didn't come off sounding like a dick. Everyone is looking for what works best for them. That is why I am so glad growing is legal in my state. It will help people the most when more start growing and making better medicine.
Happy Growing. :)
She's almost there but hasn't gave up on finding pollen. I'd give her another week, maybe a few days more after that. What does the buds look like on the next two internodes below that?

Btw, your plant reminds me of Halloween. Nice orange tones.
Thanks lol :)
This is the best I can do for a close up of the lower nodes. They have fused with the tops in some places which is awesome. As you can see there is not as much amber on this on but, they are cloudy and milky. This was taken on the 11th.
I only chopped the very tops that looked farther along than that today. I know she was still looking for pollen in some places. :( Not gonna find any of that lolol. How frustrating for her.
Here is a picture of the nodes under the tops after chopping the tops today.
Excuse the shitty pics but, I think you can see that these lower nodes need some more time from the pics.
However, you can probably see that the hold out pistils have finally given up and are starting to die.
I have 5 days until I move so I am going to let the lower nodes finish up more since they do look a bit fresh still. This is my first SCROG and it overgrew a bit. so I guess we are going to finish in layers. Good to know that under LED she takes a bit longer than 45 days. Probably around 55 would be great.

Anyway I wanted to really thank you for your input. You are the only one who responded and you gave me your honest opinion which I really appreciate. On the next batch coming up in the next 2 months I will wait longer and see what the difference is. I am also not going to drop the lighting hours down on the next batch so maybe more yield . So far 15 tops cut and 131 grams wet or around 32 grams dried. Have about 25 more tops and about 6 inches of good growth that was under the other 15 tops.
Very happy with my first SCROG and will never grow vertical again. Very happy with this little Mars 300 which is actually 124W draw from my plug anyway. Lets see how close to a QP we can get. Very happy with the light penetration. Oh and very happy with Fox Farms Big Bloom.