My weed tastes like shit!

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Oh Canada!

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did u you trim the buds wet? Hang dry the nugs if not wet drying?

How many days did it take to dry? What rh in room? Airflow? No light in room while drying?
after drying what storage? did you burp the storage aka de-gas it?

explain the negatives of what you mean by “shitty”, like does it smell like hay? Hash to throat ?

it’s good to use a wood moisture meter when hang drying it and at the 12-21 day check it daily, you want your moisture t 12-15% moisture inside the nugs. The issue with the ‘snap” and crack qc is many pheno’s will have thicker stems, thus fucking u over and false qc. Meaning you’ll have stuff on stem way too long . key in drying is best enviroment with dryness , airflow moving but not hitting buds and darkness. Longer the smoother so don’t let people claim 7 days and ur fly. shoot if you can keep a small amount of stem after ur done drying to hold the nugs while trimming and also to retain a small amount of moisture is another great tool for retaining and keeping ur qc prime. I will leave a small amount of stem on the nugs so I cna hold ‘em while trimming but also it keeps the quality last way longer and u can keep it untrimmed till needed thus when trimmed smells way stronger vs trimming asap and letting it “spoil “

flush is a bro sci excuse for bad quality , Inless you had such high metal content in ur medium and it wasn’t organics and wanted to reuse it , than i could see why. Otherwise there’s zero why that even if u even do flush that doesn’t mean anything. when you see non white ashes it has a lot to do with moisture content, skipping steps in the process of dry/cure and than keeping ur stored unsealed and end results in light,open air, rh not controlled and also trimming/drying it too quick and/or environment instability def can do it .
-plucked big leaves off by hand when wet
-hang dry
-broke each individual plant into 3 sections to dry
-dryed for 8.5 days
-most branches snapped
-exhaust fan on in tent
-2 fans blowing in tent
-between 55-60% humidity
-between 73°-77°F
-trim buds
-Tried smoking at this time
-bake all good
-taste like shit
-put in jars
-been in jars for 1 day now
-smells awesome
To describe the taste
Ok at first mid joint a sharp taste, left slight aftertaste


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Define early, 1 week, 3 weeks? The bud in question doesn’t look early, but if you say it is what is your reasoning?

Someone earlier mentioned the hairs weren’t recessed and that showed it was early, I’m guessing that is someone with minimal experience. There are strains, like Exodus Cheese, where hairs are literally falling off, that does not mean it’s too early though, it’s genetics.

@Oh Canada! my 2nd paragraph micros your post above.
I explained my reasons in my first post about this subject. The buds do look early and I’m very experienced on this subject. Tons of people harvest early even though they have an internet connection. 1 week early won’t make much difference, but 3 weeks early definitely can.
I also very definitely understand genetics and how different plants can look, which I don’t believe is the case here.


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I think a definition of what flushing is needs to be defined. I’m not suggesting the knowledgeable folks at RIUndo not know what flushing is, but I think the word (I could be wrong) is sometimes used to suggest watering without nutes as opposed to running 20 gallons through a 5 gallon pot for 2 weeks.

Again I could be totally wrong but I think the word “flushing” is often misused around here. There is a big difference between flushing a plant for 2 weeks vs watering a plant for 2 weeks with less to no nutes (I hope ai’m not saying anything anyone doesn’t already know). Flushing obviously is intended to wash nutes away not help the plant use up its stored resources.


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The truth is lot of misinformation about this particular subject( flush) and not only people tend to have a misconception about it, there a lot of fraudulent pseudo researcher working for cannabis companie that try to pretend that flush doesnt affect anything... Excepts their pockets ... ops....

Any grower that have enought experience know that if you use an inert medium with no nutrient holding capacity such as rockwool, dwc, clay pebbles , perlite.... and you water with reverse osmosis , it will dilute salt into the plant and you can easily notice it without a scientific experiment because you will get defiencies right after because plant can no longer synthetise compound from roots and starve. When they starve mobile elements like nitrogen will be transported to the flower location and fan leave will be the first to turn yellow and eventually even sugar leaf start to turn light green/yellowish and you know at that point that the nitrogen content of the plan is lower and at that point if you would take a tissue analysis, you would notice plant mineral content are lower in the leaves especially the nitrogen and same for chlorophyll.

More important. This is a proven fact from independant researcher who dont have any interest in cannabis related buisness, cannabinoids are negatively affected by high protein/high nitrogen content and same goes for terpenes. As yield goes up( with ec ofc) quality goes down because of yield dillution. So again... Flushing create a positive stress on the plants that promote quality.

So not only flush save money in your pockets, it reduce nitrogen and chlorophyll content which are responsible for the harsh taste and it promote bud quality

but hey im just an old hippi, dont listen to me try it by yourself.


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I also very definitely understand genetics and how different plants can look, which I don’t believe is the case here.
When did you lay grow Godfather OG? If you’ve not grown it but do indeed have an understanding of genetics, then you can see how you could be wrong?


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Yea flushing is not really well defined this whole topic is somewhat complex imo since there are so many variables. It would seem feeding water only (or mostly water) at the end of the grow could be one definition, and that doesn’t necessarily mean rinsing the medium with copious amounts of water.
There are so many variables like the substrate used, it seems like imo the old school ways of growing in more inert mediums like pro mix or rockwool might have different results because with rockwool for example you can taper nutes at the end until it’s mostly water and the run off has very low ppms.
The Rx green study didn’t even say what substrate they used if I recall, and it seems like everyone here just cites that source as their evidence to write off flushing.
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