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How to win learning curve for the bengals was last year . It’s theirs to lose this year .. which I am betting heavy they will find a way to do in 1 of last 2 games .

If they(bengals)pull it off and find a a way to not fuck it up .It wont be the last ring that qb wins .


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The Eagles are clearly the favorite team but I'll be cheering for the 49ers.....can't help but like Purdy

I like both the Chiefs and the Bengals so I don't know who to cheer for but I think KC has the advantage.

IMHO....Mahomes has been the best QB this year, but Burrows is a close second
I bet on the Eagles and Bengals. And Eagles to win the SuperBowl. We'll see what happens, :bigjoint:. Normally I would pick the Chiefs but after that injury last weeks I'm not picking them. I wouldn't be surprised if Mahomes surprises me though. That was a tough one to pick.