Please help with harvest timing!

Latavius Janikowski

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I just finished the GH Flora 12 week schedule and they are clearly not ready for harvest, so I wanted to get some feedback on timing.

One is close to being ready for flush, but I'm not sure whether to give another week of nutes or start the flush tomorrow on schedule.

The rest I was going to repeat the ripen week again with the nutes.


Thank you in advance!

GG Fast Buds Auto
5 gal DWC
GH Flora with CaliMagic
Mars lights



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As long as you think you can get a 1 week to 2 weeks of flushing in you’ll be fine. They look nice. Colas are filling out nicely. Great job.


Have you any way to look at the trichomes?
A jewellers loupe or download a magnifier app on your phone.
I usually wait until about 50% of trichomes are gone milky and then start the flush