Soil Testing

I'm a very new grower (3rd grow but first time with female) and curious about my soil chemistry. I kept reef aquariums for 20+ years where I was testing Ca, Mg, K, NO3 and PO4 on a weekly basis. PH and DKH were monitored on a daily basis. Knowing what was going on in the tank allowed me to adjust and maintain ideal conditions for the inhabitants. A plant should be no different correct? Chemistry that is out of balance will significantly change the way an organism you're cultivating grows. I have a 4x4 bed with soil I mixed myself. Peat, pumice, my own compost and worm castings plus very basic general amendments. In my opinion, growth is good and the plant looks healthy. I'd like to evaluate my grow with more than just looks. How often should I test the soil? Weekly, Bi- weekly, every cycle? Any recommended labs to send samples to? Thank you.


Is there a set parameter measurements where cannabis or plants for that matter will thrive? When I was doing reef tanks, for example you'd base your test results on water that was tested from the Great Barrier Reef and adjust your system to match it.


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How often should I test the soil? Weekly, Bi- weekly, every cycle?
You should test your soil at least 2 times a cycle: when you start a cycle and after harvest. That way you will know what have had plant consumed and what have had left in soil.
If you are in to living soil, you can check KISS organics for testing.