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@Kaliko are these the Tres-banger x Iraqi stretchers you mentioned? View attachment 4926475
pictured above are #1 & 2 (left to right). Stretched super crazy about 2.5x
#1 stands out in a stem rub with this sour zingy funk that lingers and turns into this disgusting rotten stank. I’m going to guess they lean towards the Tres-Bangers.
This is the #3 She definitely has a spicy gingerbread funk going on. She’s the most photogenic of the bunch and seems to lean to Iraqi side of things. Day 20FView attachment 4926498
Yep you probably though I was crazy when I said they would stretch alot huh ? Yeah they stink ! All 3 of mine have about the same smells as you described . A very different Funk ! Yours look nice man !


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Lemon Splash x Monkey Dog
#3 Day 33F
All 3 are exhibiting ripe mango smells with #1 being the strongest smelling and looks to be the most yielding pheno as well with decent resin production. Some support needed.
#2 is the most resinous with a strong citrus mango smell.
# 3 carries the same similar mango smell just not as prominent as the other two. Great resin production and strong branching.
No support needed for any of the the last two so far but the stretch of #1 made it necessary.


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Tres Banger x Iraqi Mintz #1 followed by #2
Few days old pic of day 33 F

Gotta show the pretty and ugly as mistakes are made to learn from. These are testers so I did not want to top them. Because of that decision, two of the Tres Banger x Iraqi Mintz got way too tall and I could not keep up with moving the lamps up and eventually ran out of space, having to move the fan out of the tent as well. I’ve never ran Headbanger or tresdawg but I have to imagine these two phenos lean towards them. Sour, Chem, kushy funk on these but way more pronounced on #2 that is displaying some foxtailing up top but otherwise she’s fine on lower branching. #1 has fattened up almost double since this picture. She will yield the most it seems. They look like twins otherwise. This pheno could use some support and training and/or shorter vegging time lol


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Sadie Hawkins threw out some fun buds too last season. I’ve been curious about that Topanga Lane, I bet that will be fun. Heres some photos of our Skunky Rainbow and Sadie Hawkins from last season...:peace:

Sadie Hawkins buds (I like a rough shaggy trim:
View attachment 4557976
hi @asublimeutopia, can you tell me anything about the high or medicinal qualities of the sadie hawkins?
does anybody know anything about the "jd pink rose cut" used in this cross?


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hi @asublimeutopia, can you tell me anything about the high or medicinal qualities of the sadie hawkins?
does anybody know anything about the "jd pink rose cut" used in this cross?
Pink rose is from Second Generation Genetics (JD short, DJ Short's son). It's Black Rose x Sacajawea #12.

@strayfox said on IG that Sadie Hawkins has had reported effects similar to the 3 Finger Shuffle. In other words, it reportedly makes bits tingly and tends to make evening activities extra special.

This is from a DCSeedExchange IG from Aug 19, 2019, which was a repost of a post shared by the man himself, straysmindset.

Excellent for ptsd, depression, juicing, anti inflammatory, ms, midnight make out sessions, blood flow or super deep conversations.

There are 2 main phenos.
  • The Pink Rose pheno is short and squat with very little stretch. It has faint berry aromas and is reportedly a light feeder.
  • The hybrid pheno has heavy indica flowers with strong branching. Earthy sweet frozen pear undertones with violet blackberry tea aromas. Very sedative.