Supercropping and Canopy Control


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Bass what's up dude! Glad to see you're still around the forum. You running a journal so I can peep some of your prOn?


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can someone give me a diy on the hempy bucket?? and does the size of the net pot matter i have lots of 3.75 inch net pots around?? ive been growing dwc for awile but want to try n build a bucket,,i have 5 gal bucket w lid, airators n stones do i need a pump??


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Here is my veg tent will update with strain information next week. Sugar Punch in the middle back nicely cropped. You ever run again Sativied?

BL - Blueberry x Headband
BM - Sugar Punch
FM - Queen of Hearts (TGA Ace of Spades x Vortex)
BR - Train wreck x Early Skunk
FR - Hericules



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I see you Sativied, lets see'em :D
Hey Shwag good to see you active again, welcome back.

I just started harvesting an F2 run for selecting plants for F3, let most of them go their natural course so very little cropping this time. About to start a sog with a whole lot of plants, so probably won't be cropping for a while. Check out page 5 of my journal for a supercropped harvest earlier this year.

One of'm:

Also check out @Pinworm's Horror Show thread, some excellent cropping in there including timelapse video:


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Sugar Punch in the middle back nicely cropped. You ever run again Sativied?
No I haven't. Good choice though, certainly wouldn't mind having a jar of SP again. Remember this one:

Homegrown tastes better than anything I bought, homemade soup tastes better than most commercial soup too, mixing your own fruit juice usually tastes better than something pre-mixed from a bottle right? Will homebred be any different? Let's find out.
Can't believe that's over a year ago already... anyway, still working on that.


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Hey Bud, how you been? Very nice looking healthy plants there! What size containers? What ya feeding these days?


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2 are in 11ltrs and 2 are in 6.5, i have just got 4x 25ltrs to put into next couple days, also still on the ionic but think im gona change to coco after the xmas....
just flowering out what i have now and starting again with sum new strains in january