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I do eat 150 grams of green beans, stir-fry and mixed veggies, half a cup of soybeans and half an ounce of pumpkin seeds most meals, before I eat whatever is on the menu. And I walk 3-5 miles every night. But I also eat almonds and dark chocolate nonstop, so It's kind of a draw.
Everything your doing is great just stumbled on here if can maybe substitute the soybeans with something similar in vitamins in some meals to much soy not good for you.


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Yo these numbers keep going up you got any differance in your body more muscle??
Going up or down a couple three pounds is normal. For three weeks I was planting pine trees everyday, so no night time walking. And sometimes I don't have my green beans and stir-fry every meal. I keep saying I'm going to get serious about the 5-2 fasting, but so far I haven't.

But no, I'm not getting more muscle.