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Here's the final result of a 3 month cure of my Bodhi Hindu Hash temple ball ( above picture) definitely darkened over time. The bud I washed was over a year old. The hash consistency is very sticky, unlike the other temple balls I've rolled which were a bit drier. The taste is great, just a little difficult to work with.

@Mohican I saw your all sativa ball you pressed and posted up over in tnt, looked killer. What's the high like with pure sativa hash? I'd imagine it's closer to an OG temple ball ( Nepalese)? were sativas mainly grown in that region? Most of the hash I've made is from hybrids and it completely knocks me on my ass. No daytime hash smoking for me. A speedy hash would be interesting.

I'm guessing Nepalese hash was not sativa. Probably too long of a flowering time for that region?
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Those flavors and aromas carry over to the hahsish too.
It's pretty crazy how well aroma does carry over to bubble.I have a plant that smells like onions when you first pop the lids, like Sunday's pot roast bubbling in the crockpot. That carried over to a ball I made a couple weekends ago, but has already started to mellow, like you mentioned.


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It's pretty crazy how well aroma does carry over to bubble.I have a plant that smells like onions when you first pop the lids, like Sunday's pot roast bubbling in the crockpot. That carried over to a ball I made a couple weekends ago, but has already started to mellow, like you mentioned.
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Wow, great job to all...Great looking Balls (thought I would never find myself saying that)!!!
I don’t care what anybody says you cannot beat bubble hash, ice water hash call it what you will Kief to make hash. I’ll never forget the first one I made, left it sitting on the parchment paper, next day overnight it went from a perfectly round ball to being flat on the bottom like it was melting @ room temp...I have researched the hell out of ice water hash & cannot seem to come up with a good reason why it makes such excellent hash??? Not just the terpene profile which is excellent, But the “melt”...& aging effect.
I don’t do it all the time, but it is well worth it. Also for those that throwaway the herb when done making bubble hash, don’t -unless you’re fortunate enough to be a larger scale grower...I’ll take my 2-3-4ounces & dry on top of a Cardboard box, Then gently crumble in the palm of my hands wearing med gloves & Dry sift using 160 µm screen bubble bag, silk printing screen whatever you have... and squeeze another 1 to 2 1/2 g per ounce out of the herb...Great for your one-hitter vaporizer or making a mechanical compressed lower grade hash

Well it’s time to make some Nepalese temple balls again for me...Quote “outside protective layer of resin fused into a crust so perfect that it can stand the depredations of time and nurture the aging evolution at its core...Envision a spicy tropical fruit cocktail with subtle earthy undertones taking over your olfactory senses as the resin breaks apart reluctantly exposing its dark red melted caviar like texture, the long contained aromas bursting out with an explosive force.”
Frenchy Cannoli -The Lost Art of Temple Balls
And Frenchy is right...
So I’m challenging those words with my 111 day old
Dumdumtangiematic hermaphrodite seed grow, what else do u do with Hermie seeds from the original Tangiematic autoflower grow ( I ended up with about 50 Hermie)
Dried Bud pics below...higher potency & exotic color than the parent, but the size was only 1/3 of the parents
(no idea why???, maybe someone can clue me in!)
Regardless the fruitalatious
smell & warm complete body high from head to toe is like the outflow winds of an incoming storm surge smashing into your whole body, which is extremely interesting as the plants on purpose went 30 days past peak Trychome milk... to about 30-70% red amber throughout the various buds...(even more interesting the high had no couch lock, the Sativa dominance was in full effect I guess?).
(They ended up with two different genetic profiles, but kept the dwarfness)...
((Note: did something different on this grow, @ day 55 I added 200 Watts UVB (80Wpower pull) -2 Reptile bulbs to my Led light mix, I wanted those Sativa dominate plants to think they were back in the mountains getting sun burned, so they‘ed put on the THC sunscreen...Left them on for 35 days 18/6 along with the LEDs (56W/SqFt)[email protected] day 90 I went all Red Led spectrum ~20W/SqFt til day 111))

Well time to get going on the
Spicy Tropical Fruit Cocktail
Dumdumtangie Temple Ball

Post pics when done



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It is sad to say that Frenchy Cannoli is no longer with us. I have copied the Message left by his wife to those that followed him.

From Madame Cannoli, Kimberly, Frenchy's wife⁠
⁠Dear Friends and Loved Ones,⁠
⁠It's with profound, heartbreaking grief that I share with you due to complications from surgery Frenchy left us on Sunday. ⁠I'm sorry I couldn't share this with you in person. This seemed like the best way to let you know directly from me. ⁠

Frenchy often shared there were 3 main periods in his life - first, the 18-year timeframe from when he left home in Southern France to travel, wandering the world, enamored of new cultures & experiences, then the period of fatherhood from his mid-30s to early 50s, and then finally the period of becoming the teacher that followed when he came to the states in the 2000s. I cannot begin to express how much meaning and joy his interactions with all of you brought him. He truly cherished this unexpected evolution of the latter part of his life.⁠

His passing was unexpected and leaves his family with a gaping hole of emotion where his smile and energy usually filled us so completely. I think what we all appreciated about Frenchy so much was his authenticity and passion. It would give me great solace to see his face lit up with a smile right now. If you have a smiley photo with Frenchy and want to tell me about your connection/meeting with him I would be honored if you would share it with us.



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Sad,condolences to his family and friends.I really enjoyed his videos,he had that perfect accent.

RIP Frenchy.
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Absolutely gutted to read of his passing yesterday. He was only just getting started with the sharing of his wealth of knowledge too... Sending my sincere condolences to his wife and family. This is a tough one to be honest.


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