The Highest You've Ever Been....


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1972...we had to hide to smoke pot and it was usually brickweed but a friend said he had some 'special' stuff so several of us met up bout a mile from town under a river bridge. 4 of us Smoked about a oz of the 'special' stuff and we all found we could barely walk, much less drive back to town. I was driving a 67 fastback mustang with a 390, 4 speed, and here was two pot heads driving back to town in 1st gear with their heads out the windows making sure they staying between the ditches for a mile back to town. It was a blur but later found that the 'special' part was 'dipped' in something that might have been pretty good if we had limited how much we smoked.


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I've been pretty high but the very worst was one time my wife and I went to bed in the afternoon and I couldn't remember why. I think that probably it.