Toolage's Indoor Garden

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Toolage 87's 2013 Indoor Garden

Well it is time. I know its planting season out side but I decided to have mine indoors. I chose to use my AeroGarden 6 pod system for growing in since its simple and uses 1 plug only.

June 10th, 2013


Stevia, Thyme, Lemon Basil, Lemon Balm, Spearmint

June 12th, 1013
Stevia Day 1.jpgLemon Basil Day 1.jpgThyme Day 1.jpg
Stevia , Lemon Basil , Thyme

June 13th, 2013
IMG_0003.jpgLemon Basil.jpgThyme.jpgLemon Balm.jpg
Stevia , Lemon Basil , Thyme , Lemon , Balm


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June 16th 2013 Update

I decided to do a non photo update. Today the Thyme looks like they are getting their first set of starter leafs. The Stevia is also getting on its 1st set of true leafs. I have finished hardening the Lemon Basil, Stevia, Thyme, Lemon Balm today. I found a spare AeroGarden grow sponge and I decided to start 1 Thi Basil seed today. I am hoping that in the next 1 to 2 more days there will be enough growth to make it worth taking and uploading photos.

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June 17th, 2013

Since there has been some changes I decided to do a update today.

Thyme.jpgStevia.jpgLemon Basil.jpgLemon Balm.jpg
Thyme , Stevia , Lemon Basil , Lemon Balm

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June 26th 2013

Sorry for the lack of update but there hasn't been much change so I waited a bit before doing an update. Sadly i list the Lemon balm for some reason but I planted another seed so hopefully this one lives. I found a nice PPM/and PH chart that I found and the PPM and PH are in range. I did a PH and PPM/TDS test and I got...

PH - 6.5
TDS/PPM - 700

June 26th - Stevia.jpg June 26th - Lemon Basil.jpg June 26th - Thi Basil.jpg
Stevia , Lemon Balm , Thi Basil

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July 5th, 2013 Update

Hi all. I have some time to do a update and well things have changed since the last update. I am hoping in the next few months I will have some thing changed with my setup but not 100% sure.

July 5th - Stevia.jpg July 5th - Lemon Basil.jpg July 5th - Thi Basil.jpg July 5th - Thyme.jpg

1 - Stevia
2 - Lemon Basil
3 - Thi Basil
4 - Thyme

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July 10th 2013 Update

Hi all. I have chosen to do a bit of a different update. Instead of taking a photo of each of the herb plants I have decided to take a photo of the whole AeroGarden Garden. I hope you all enjoy the garden candy. ;)


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July 16th, 2013 Update

Hi all. Its been a while since my last update so here are some phots that I took. I hope everyone enjoys them.


----- Photo 1 -----
Thi Basil , Lemon Basil , Thyme , Stevia

----- Photo 2 and 3 -----
Lemon Basil

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Hi everyone. I know I didn't give you all an update and I did not think this update deserved a new thread but many harvests later this one is one of them that I photographed updates on so here it is.

Edit: I was having problems uploading the photo so it took a little time to figure it out how to make it show up on here.

0 - Garden.png
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I am not 100% sure that the right photo is that. It could be Hungarian Paprika Pepper

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